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Top 10 LED Lights for Video Production

LED lights are fast becoming popular in the world of cinematography these days. Do you know why? LED lighting offers limitless colors, nearly no heat, and they are great for energy-saving.

Additionally, LED lights don’t flicker like traditional light bulbs, so you get great luminescence of any color you can think of but don’t need to worry about heat impact.

There’s a lot to love about LED lights. We’ve compiled a list of our top choices when it comes to the best LED lights for local HD Chicago camera crews.

1. Q-LION 3×3 LITHIUM Battery LED Light Kit

Q-LION 3x3 LITHIUM Battery LED Light Kit-Transparent

A full-function, 3×3 LED light set that has a set nine lights and maximum RGB control for each panel, the Q-LION is a great option for advanced productions, whether sci-fi video productions or music videos.

These projects require practical lighting, stylized recordings require fill lights. Priced at $1500, the Q-LION is a set that any gaffer could want and those who are fortunate enough to boast of using these LED Lights know that they are worth every penny!

Definitely our top choice, the number 1 LED light for professional camera crews, you can’t go wrong when you choose the Q-LION 3×3.

2. Bescor Photon LED 2-Light Kit

Bescor Photon LED 2-Light Kit-Transparent

With dimmable technology, the Bescor Photon LED 2-Light Kit can be powered up by a full-function adaptor or with NP-F batteries and works wonderfully, whether you need to use lights indoors or outdoors.

This LED light set also has an ideal range of colors from 3200-5600K. The set offers two Photon LED panels that can go up to 78 inches total length.

Available at under $250 this is an industry-standard LED light set that’s perfect for anyone who is looking to set up a budget-friendly set.

3. Genaray Spectro Essential 500 2-Lights

Genaray Spectro Essential 500 2-Lights-Transparent

Offered at $390 and offering mobility for lighting, this decently-priced LED light is ideal for top-notch sets.

Videographers who need something portable will appreciate the Genaray Spectro Essential 500 lights for its optional battery power which allows them to always have the power they need while handling a job on-the-go.

The panel light also ensures a decent output for those shopping on a budget, so if you need a lighting set for interviews or other shoots that require variable brightness, the Genaray Spectro Essential 500 2-lights kit could be ideal for you.

4. CAME-TV Boltzen 55W Fresnel Kit

CAME-TV Boltzen 55W Fresnel Kit-Transparent

Priced a bit high at $600, this LED light kit offers top-notch level lighting that enhances the output for optimal on-set lighting.

The CAME-TV Boltzen 55W LED Fresnel Kit is very simple to use even for a beginner-and the magnifying Fresnel lenses that are built-in ensure the best results.

The cost is a lot, we agree, but this lighting kit also doubles up as a diffusion set while providing optimal lighting and complete scene coverage.

5. Dracast S-Series LED500 LED 3 Kit Light

Dracast S-Series LED500 LED 3 Kit Light-Transparent

An LED light kit that boasts of three bi-color panels and 4-way barndoors for optimal usage and versatility, the Dracast S-Series LED500 3 light kit is a bit pricey at $799, but don’t be dismayed.

This option is ideal for top HD Chicago camera crews, with the diffusers, a light stand NP-F Battery plate that provides optional battery power, and a multi-voltages AC adaptor that allows you to use this kit on location or at a studio.

You can dim the LED to zero percent or up to full, 100% lighting capacity easily and effectively.

6. Genaray Contender LED Spot 3-Light Kit

Genaray Contender LED Spot 3-Light Kit-Transparent

Finally, a 3-light LED kit that not only allows you to dim it from 10% percent to 100% but that also has a reliable, adjustable lens so you can have the lighting focused in various directions, starting at 55 degrees and allowing for the down focus to a 25-degree spot.

The Genaray Contender LED lighting is perfect for creating unique lighting situations or for when you want to create the appearance of sunlight indoors.

This LED light kit is available at $1400, but it’s worth it when you think of the intensity of the lights and the options for focusing. After all, this a top-quality 3200 to 5600K variable kit.

7. Dracast LED1000 Pro LED 2-Light Kit

Dracast LED1000 Pro LED 2-Light Kit-Transparent

The Dracast LED1000 Pro provides variable color temperatures ranging from 3200 and 5600K so you can get all the color and vibrancy you could want on set.

While we know that this LED light is a lot higher than many other kits, offered at $1100, the Dracast LED1000 Pro lighting has output equivalents nearing 1000w when you compare it to traditional hot lighting.

The fact that it provides low electrical use and also can operate on standard power, a V-Mount 12 VDC batteries- makes this LED light a favorite amongst the most professional crews in the city, wherever they may be located, from Lake View to Logan Square.

8. Bescor FP-312K 2-Point LED Light Kit

Bescor FP-312K 2-Point LED Light Kit-Transparent

This LED light can be used for your next video production but is priced at $350, so it may not be ideal for someone looking for something cheaper. But, bear in mind that it is a bit more higher-end than the aforementioned Bescor model.

With a built-in dimmer providing a complete LED light output that ranges from 10 percent to 100 percent depending on what your setting preference is, the Bescor FP-312K 2-Point LED also offers options for colors ranging from 3200-5600K.

This top-notch kit also includes barn doors, diffusion that allows for versatility, and an LCD digital readout, making it ideal for everyone from beginner videographers to advanced HD Chicago camera crews.

9. Dracast LED2000 Kala LED 3-Light Kit

Dracast LED2000 Kala LED 3-Light Kit-Transparent

The Dracast LED2000 Kala LED light has a reliable LED output from panels and it can be controlled remotely. You don’t even have to get up from your chair to adjust the lighting on set, making it a dream.

The  Dracast LED2000 Kala set features 4-way barndoors and a V-mount battery plate, as well as a multi-voltage AC adapter.

Last but not least, the Dracast LED2000 Kala model offers variable color temperature for a fully dimmable appearance that provides you with exceptional quality for under $2k.

10. iKan Lyra 1×1 LED Light Kit

iKan Lyra 1x1 LED Light Kit-Transparent

With 10 percent to 100 percent full dimming ability,  the IKan Lyran 1×1 LED lighting also has a wireless remote control that allows you to operate it off-set.

Four-leaf barndoor technology minimizes light spill and it also includes optional light intensifiers that you can add or remove for more flexibility when lighting a set.

A V-mount battery plate and a Gold Mount plate are also included with this LED lighting on the go.

 Available at $2000, the iKan Lyra LED lights may be pricier than most but they definitely deliver the quality any professional would want.


Which light kits or LED lights mentioned above do you love? Beverly Boy Productions gaffers have a broad range of LED Lights so you can get the robust, vibrant lighting you want for a variety of video productions.

We’d love to hear more about what you want. As top HD Chicago camera crews, what do you look for when looking for LED Lighting?  Remote controls or dimmable spans? We’d love to know, tell us all about it in the comments below!