Sample Pre Production Book Template

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Sample Pre Production Book Template

Looking for a Sample Pre Production Book Template? A production book represents a vast collection of the documentation that is required for your video production project. Generally, the production book includes all of the important data relative to the process that takes place leading to the shoot day as well as all of the essential organizational details of the shoot such as input from the director and information for key crew and cast members leading up to the shoot. A sample pre-production book template may include the lock shooting script, the budget, the script breakdown, storyboard, and location forms and files.

What is a Production Book?

A production book is a collection of documents that contain essential information for your video production project. So if a production book is the organization road map for your shoot, then a pre-production book must be the organizational roadmap that brings you up to the shoot day — it’s everything that occurs in pre-production leading to the production book roadmap.

Production templates that may be included in the pre-production book are things like your original lock script, the budget, and the script breakdown. All of these files are later used to produce details for the shoot itself.

The following items are included in a production book:

  • Production title, director, and the company producing the film.
  • Name of the client or agency responsible for the production.
  • Shoot dates and locations.
  • The production calendar which outlines pre-production, production, and post-production schedules.
  • The shooting schedule which includes day-by-day details.
  • The entire script and story overview.
  • The essential video deliverables.
  • Sample interview questions.
  • The shot list and or storyboard.
  • Key contacts and their respective details.

Sample Pre-Production Book Template

Your pre-production book template will not include all of the above data, not yet! The baseline beginning stages of your production book will have only the pre-production details. This includes things like your storyboard, shot lists, and essential script as well as your budget and key contacts. The pre-production book will grow as you continue to plan your video and prepare for production with scheduling and essential deliverables.

Below are some pre-production book templates for you to get started:

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