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Kickstarter Pitch Video Production Tips

After months or possibly years perfecting your product offer, the time to produce a Kickstarter pitch video has come. This is your opportunity to grab the attention of investors and potentially win over their support. Everything can change with the creation of a powerful Kickstarter video, but the Kickstarter pitch video production process isn’t something that just anyone who’s interested in making a video should take on. When there’s potentially thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, in investment funding on the line, making sure your Kickstarter video is perfect becomes more than just important – it’s absolutely vital!

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While you might be a pro at planning your product, and you may have even figured out a professional marketing plan with all the right sales copy and landing pages, professional Kickstarter pitch video production is an entirely different process. Ensuring you hit each of the key data points, deliver a professional quality that can’t be overlooked, and grab the attention of investors as soon as they see those first few seconds of video pop up on the screen could be pivotal to the success of your campaign.

This is where working with a professional Kickstarter pitch video production company comes into play! Working one-on-one with a professional production crew, like Beverly Boy Productions, can literally make a world of difference in the overall success of your video pitch when you introduce it to other Kickstarter investors. So we’ve put together a list of some tips that come directly from the pros to help you plan and execute the perfect Kickstarter pitch video.

These Kickstarter pitch video production tips are designed to bring you from idea to distribution of an amazingly powerful Kickstarter video that grabs hold of your target investor audience, engages them, and convinces them to invest in your idea. Let us take some of the guesswork out of what goes into the perfect Kickstarter video pitch, as we show you the way to a perfect crowdfunding pitch video that attracts a plethora of investors to your project!


Bring Your Project Story to Life

The first step to producing an amazing Kickstarter pitch video is to make sure that there’s a story behind it. Chances are, you’ve got a strong story behind your product, and the idea that you have was built on some dream or underlying personal story of some sort. (sound true?) Most of the time, new projects or business opportunities that are pitched to investors are the direct result of some big story, but it’s up to you to make sure that the details of that story are delivered in a way that investors can’t help but to feel a connection to.

That’s why we recommend you bring your story to life! In fact, ask any Kickstarter pitch video production crew and they’re bound to tell you that they’re storytellers that focus heavily on creating stories that bring a brand, product, service, or idea to life for the target audience. This is your one shot to get your investors to see your dream, the story behind it, and how they can connect with it.

If you’re not a good storyteller, hire a Kickstarter pitch video production crew to help! They’ll organize everything from set designers and writers, to production editors, motion graphics artists, and other crew that are required to bring your project’s story to life.

Follow a Simple, Step-by-Step Process

Producing a crowdfunding campaign video requires some basic understanding of video production and the steps that are naturally required in order to produce a professional quality video. Plan your Kickstarter pitch video production as follows:

  • Step 1: Create the Storyline – this is where your idea becomes a fleshed out story. The story should include details about your brand, your products or services, the story behind your brand and products, and a script to support it all.
  • Step 2: Pre-Production – this is where you’re going to organize the work that will go into producing your Kickstarter video. You’ll have to coordinate equipment, gear, location for a shoot, and details regarding casting, music, animation, and other needs.
  • Step 3: Production – this is where you’ll begin to shoot your Kickstarter pitch video. Production will involve shooting on-location as well as capturing b-roll footage from various locales.
  • Step 4: Post-Production – this is where you’re going to edit your footage and incorporate any graphics, additional special effects, music or other elements.
  • Step 5: Distribution – the final footage has been coordinated, all special effects and post-production editing is complete, and this is where your Kickstarter video is ready to be launched on Kickstarter.

3 More Quick Tips for Success

Kickstarter pitch video production can be a time-consuming process and it’s certainly not for everyone. When it comes to producing a professional quality video, you’re probably going to find instances where it’s better to hire a full-scale production company, like Beverly Boy Productions, to assist you with the Kickstarter pitch video production process. Especially if you want a professional video that is going to amaze your audience.

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Before you go, consider these last few tips for success with your Kickstarter pitch video:

  • Always be transparent. It’s important to be open about your project and clear with your investors about what you’re asking. Be transparent with your investment goals and how you intend to utilize any funds that are acquired.
  • Show empathy & you’ll get empathy. Many investors are looking for a personal connection with the brands that they’re considering to add to their list of companies they support. Be empathetic about others and how your business has benefited from the support of others, and you’ll be able to expect more empathy from the investors that are considering your project.
  • Show your expertise. Great Kickstarter pitch video production might require you to hire a professional, but you can show off your expertise in your own business, by being clear about where you stand and what value you provide to the brand. This is important as it humanizes your project, and helps investors feel more interested in what you have to offer.

Ready to hire a professional Kickstarter pitch video production crew to work with? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today!