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Top 10 Draws to Hiring Video Production Services in New York

Filmmakers are drawn to NYC for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s the diversity of the many unique and thriving neighborhoods of the city, or the prominence of industry vendors that can be found operating throughout town, video production services in New York certainly attract filmmakers and aspiring artists for a variety of purposes and projects. A quick glimpse of this city and you’ll instantly know why so many are drawn to produce film, television, and commercial productions in the city. We’ve listed several benefits to hiring video production services in New York below.

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    1. Highly Qualified Production Services

Some of the most long standing projects in film have their roots in New York. You’ll find highly qualified production services throughout the city. In fact, the facilities in NYC are home to popular television shows including Law & Order: SUV, FBI: Most Wanted and Bull, as well as Amazon Original, City on a Hill.

    2. The Empire State Building

Take a trip to the Empire State Building and make sure you’ve got a camera! Video production services in New York will almost certainly lead to a trip to the Empire State Building where you can view the surrounding five states from the expansive overlooks. It’s a view that must be captured on camera, for sure!

    3. Cobblestone Streets

The streets of NYC are largely concrete and asphalt now, but you’ll find several streets throughout Downtown, the West Village and Redhook that are made up of the original cobblestone that once adorned all of the city’s roads. Bring your camera and capture some shots of the cobblestone along various paths throughout the city.

    4. Grand Central Terminal

One of the greatest ever architectural achievements of the country, Grand Central Terminal is the crown jewel of NYC. Located in Midtown Manhattan, it’s more than just a transportation hub. The Grand Central Terminal presents the most magnificent architectural beauty of the city, represents the iconic meeting place of NYC at “the clock” and features a cathedral-like structure that is ideal for a variety of shots and scenes.

    5. Hudson River Park

Visit the Hudson River Park along Manhattan’s west side for a quick escape from the business of the city. THe 550 acre riverfront park is a great place for some outdoor shots and the view of the city in the background is an ideal backdrop. Capture Battery Park City in the distance or just enjoy some time outdoors. The Park is a collaboration between the City and the public to improve the waterfront and the results are impressive.

    6. Roosevelt Island

A slim island that runs along the New York East River in Manhattan, Roosevelt Island was once home to the insane asylum but now represents the City’s best kept secret. Visit the island with the video production services in New York to capture the beauty of the city from afar. The backdrop is impressive and the views of the Manhattan skyline are simply amazing.

    7. Incentives & Savings

Several local businesses have pledged to support filmmakers that come to New York City. Many will provide discounted goods and services to filmmakers that are there for a shoot and the city as a whole is very welcoming to production. You get more bang for your buck when you come to the city.

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    8. Culture

Some of the most diverse culture can be found in New York. The city is ethically diverse with varied areas of distinct cultural connections. There’s a little bit of everything and something for everyone in the city, with cultural delights in food, entertainment and music from every corner of the world in NYC.

    9. Times Square

If nothing else brings you to NYC, Times Square will! Whether you’ve got several days in the city, or you’re just here for an overnight visit and a quick film shoot, you’ve got to see the epicenter of The Big Apple which is the one and only, Times Square. Capture the neon lights, and costumed characters that make up the entertainment value of this unique area of the city. It’s a filmmakers delight.

    10. Central Park

Video production services in New York have several great benefits and probably one of the biggest draws is Central Park. The area is ideal for some outdoor shots and with more than 40 acres of green space directly in the center of all the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s a great escape. Enjoy a picnic, have a walk, or simply relax the day away. Anything is possible in The Big Apple.