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10 Top Reasons to film your next Video Production in Nashville

Beverly Boy Productions has had the pleasure of providing video production in Nashville for the last 15 years. Our clients are from far and wide, some local, and some from overseas. Whenever our clients call us about their next video project in Nashville, TN we get excited. Nashville is the capital of Tennessee and also known as Music City, a great place to shoot your next project.  The city offers an array of music venues, scenic locations and much more.  Here are 10 of our top reasons to film your next video production in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville video production - Nashville Camera Operator

  1. History

The city of Nashville has worn many hats throughout the years.  In 1717, it was known as a French fur trading post until 1779 when James Robertson, an Englishman, made it a settlement off of the Cumberland River.  Because of this location, Nashville was a key spot to hold during the civil war.  It was occupied by federal troops for three years until the Battle of Nashville in 1864.  This would be the last aggressive movement by the Confederate Army until the end of the war.  Even though the city was devastated after the war, it bounced back quickly and experienced high growth in economy, population, and education.  The city also then became known as the Music City for its handiwork in the country music genre.  Thus Nashville offers many great historic districts with great music halls, bars and places of gathering to enjoy the city’s culture while capturing the soul of Nashville.

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Our Nashville film crew filming an interview with Dolly Pardon at Dollywood.

  1. Permits

To film in Nashville, you will need a permit if filming on public property, closing down or affecting traffic on a street or sidewalk and also if you need to film in a residential area.  A permit is also required for bagging parking meters or parking on city streets. Team Beverly Boy can help you manage all of your permitting needs, or For more information and where to find the permit application, click here.

  1. Transportation

When considering your next video production in Nashville, you’ll want to be familiar with the city’s transportation. Whether its transporting clients from the airport to their hotel, or finding a good rout for the 5 ton grip truck. Nashville offers several methods of transportation thru the city.  There is the Music City Star Commuter rail, buses, taxis and also ride sharing programs such as Uber or Lyft.  For a film crew, the best option would be to use the taxi or ride sharing programs for hauling equipment.  For just scoping out locations, the commuter rail would be the best option as it is cost effective and allows for a more scenic route throughout the capital.

A brand video we filmed in Nashville promoting a product

  1. Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge

The Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge is a great location in Nashville.  Laying across the Cumberland River, it offers a great location for B-roll footage, scenic shots of the river, interviews or skyline shots of the city.  The architecture of the bridge is also breathtaking to take in as you are crossing the river by foot. The bridge was dedicated in a special ceremony by Mayor Govenor in 2014.

  1. Climate

The climate is rather pleasant and comfortable most days of the year.  The city is rather humid though, but can still be a great place to visit all year round.  The winters are short and mild while the summers are long and hot. Video production in Nashville is probably best planned during the winter as there tends to be less humidity, great for those beautiful exterior shoots.

  1. Food

Being in the South, Nashville has some of the best Southern fare and haute cuisine.  Take a lunch break during your video production in Nashville and eat at Acme Feed & Seed to get a taste of classic Southern food.  Don’t forget to also try the Hot Chicken, a Nashville staple at either Bolton’s or Hattie B’s.  If your production crew is feeling for something heartier, go and try the barbeque at Edley’s Bar-b-que, a local favorite.

  1. Weather

For most of the year you can expect sunshine and pleasant weather with temperature ranging from a high of 89 in July to a low of 27 in January on average.  If filming during the spring months, expect thunderstorms though.  The city experiences about 50 inches of rain per year with May being the wettest month.  During the winter, there shouldn’t be too much snow as the average snowfall per year is about 4 inches.

  1. The Parthenon

Located in Centennial Park is the Parthenon.  It is a full-scale reconstruction of the one located in Athens, halfway across the globe.  Boasting 42 feet high columns with an art gallery and museum, the Parthenon offers some amazing shots for either B-roll footage, documentaries, romantic scenes or talking head shots.  The park it is located in is also a popular spot for people to visit and can also offer great scenic footage as well for your next project.

  1. The Bridge Building

Need some beautiful night shots?  Visit the Bridge Building then and go up to the roof.  It is a historic landmark off of the waterfront of Nashville and offers great riverside shots of the night lit city and bridge.  This location is also a great place to film weddings, corporate functions or other special events.

  1. Wildhorse Saloon

Once you wrap your video production in Nashville, here’s another must see is the Wildhorse Saloon.  A great bar, restaurant, dance and music venue and TV studio.  They even have some great Barbeque and always have great music guests visiting in town.  The saloon can be a great place for interviews, filming performances or commercials in the studio.  It can also be a great stop for a break from shooting for the day with free line dance lessons and just a great spot to gain a glimpse to the night life for your Video production in Nashville.