Tips on Creating Marketing Videos for a PR Agency

Creating top-quality marketing videos for your public relations agency is probably something that you tend to overlook after countless hours of promoting other people’s businesses and brands.

But, as a PR agency, you really need to focus on creating marketing videos for your own use in addition to creating quality content for your customers and their campaigns. Video content is a vital component to building dynamic, engaging, and lasting relationships online. 

Whether you’re new to video marketing for your PR agency or you’ve already messed around with videos and even established some credibility on Youtube, check out these tips of creating marketing videos for a PR agency and tell us what you think.

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1. Plan Your Goals & Objectives

Creating marketing videos for a PR agency requires careful planning to ensure you meet goals and objectives. While it may sound great to say, “I want to create a video that results in 100K YouTube views.” What does that truly do for your PR agency? Not much!

The reality is, all of your marketing videos should have a goal and objective set. For example, you should say, “I want to create a video that will generate sales, leads, conversions, etc.” Would you rather have phone calls and sales or YouTube views?


2. Incorporate Branding for Recognition

Creating marketing videos for a PR agency requires a careful approach to incorporate branding and a general style of the video that your prospects and current customers will recognize as your own.

Include your tagline, brand colors, special sayings, and anything relevant to your brand is vital when it comes to using video for PR agencies in order to build trust, following, and strong brand recognition. Include your brand colors and styles in your banners, text, graphics, and other areas of your video marketing.

3. Tell a Story

Anytime marketing videos for PR Agencies, or other businesses entirely, can tell a story about the brand and humanize the entire concept for the viewing audience, the chances of the content touching on the emotions of the audience are greatly increased. Digital marketing teams and video production crews recommend sharing your PR agency story in an introductory video, a corporate culture video, or inside short-form videos that help consumers get to know your brand.


4. Create Testimonial Videos

PR Agencies cannot go wrong with testimonial video production for their marketing initiatives. Not only are testimonial videos the most affordable form of video marketing that can be accomplished by PR agencies, but they are also highly useful and can be integrated into everything from website campaigns to landing pages and newsletters or emails. Creating marketing videos for your PR agency is all about trust, so don’t rehearse the video content or force the consumer to say something that they wouldn’t otherwise mention. 

Ready to get started with marketing videos for your PR agency? From press and public relations to reputation management, custom marketing videos for your PR agency are just a phone call away. Beverly Boy Productions looks forward to hearing from you today.

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