Top 10 DSLR Steadicams Used By the Best Boston Camera Crews

Top 10 DSLR Steadicams

DSLR Cameras offer functional video recordings but they lack stability when you compare them to bigger, more stable camera rigs.

DSLR cameras have a hard time getting stable footage, especially when you hold them in your bare hand. But, to capture professional video, you’re going to want to get a balanced and non-shaky shot, so this is where Steadicams come in.

To help you find the best option for you, whether you’re a beginner or work on one of the best Boston camera crews, these are our top picks in 10 DSLR Steadicams that can be used on sets and vlogs anywhere in the city today.  

1. Opteka SteadyVid SV-HD Stabilizer

Opteka SteadyVid SV-HD Stabilizer

The Opteka SteadyVide SV-HD Stabilizer is a favorite on our list and is definitely on budget for the average user. It works much like a Steadicam by stabilizing your shots and because it’s built from aluminum, you can trust that it’s a durable option you can rely on.

A rather lightweight product, you can use it for jobs on the go, which makes the included carry case an appealing feature, as well. The Opteka SteadyVid SV-HD is a top unit that you can rely on for any job you have in mind.

2. Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer

Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer

A top choice when it comes to Steadicam units and stabilizers for DSLR cameras, the Roxant is a unit that is easy to use, and also inexpensive.

It has a rubber coating for the ultimate stability when it’s used by professionals on-the-go. This coating also helps to ensure that your hands stay steady even in the warm Boston summers.

As a low-priced Steadicam, you may be fooled into thinking it may not be up to par with what you need it for, but it is in fact one of the top options used by the best Boston camera crews out there. It’s lightweight, durable, and most of all, stable, so if you want a cheap yet reliable option, the Roxant Pro DSLR steadycam stabilizer could be where it’s at for you.

3. Glide Gear DNA 1000

Glide Gear DNA 1000

The Glide Gear Steadicam offers lightweight functionality that can be ideal for any type of video production. It’s perfect for long hours as it’s a lot more lightweight than many Steadicams out there.

Made from metal, it provides both durability and stability for the job.

With a 3-axis system and the ability to support cameras of up to 1.5lbs, this is an option picked by many cinematographers out there, even if it’s not easy to disassemble without the right tools.

4. Binko VS-C7 Carbon Fiber Stabilizer

Binko VS-C7 Carbon Fiber Stabilizer-Transparent-clean

The carbon fiber stabilizer from Binko may be an ideal option for beginners because of its beginner level stabilization but even some of the best Boston camera crews like to use it because it’s perfect for jobs on-the-go due to its lightweight frame.

It can support up to 3 pounds of weight which makes it ideal for smaller DSLRs. The adjustable angle makes it easy for you to capture footage at any angle possible.

It’s easy to balance with a quick-release system and although it’s not as sturdy as some other options out there, it makes up for it in terms of functionality and portability.

5. Liinmall S40 Handheld Steadycam

Liinmall S40 Handheld Steadycam

With customization you’d expect from a Liinmall, the S40 Steadicam works with several DSLR cameras and has adjustable weights that you can use on both sides to capture the shots you want.

This Steadicam can provide the ability to have hands-free movement while the camera remains stable. Plus with a top mount feature that works with a plethora of camera types, this is a great Steadicam for a variety of camera rigs.

THe Liinmall S40 has a simple-to-adjust weight unit that can be used with many different cameras. A downside is that it’s large and bulky so it isn’t the easiest to travel with.

6. Opteka SteadyVid Pro Stabilizer

Opteka SteadyVid Pro Stabilizer

The Opteka can work with a number of rigs but it’s unique shape does make it a challenge to use when trying to adjust the weights to balance it. The upside is that it’s very lightweight so you can take it wherever needed on the job.

It’s also an affordable option with a soft foam covering so you can use it for hours on end, making it ideal for any project you need to work on.

7. IMORDEN S-60C Carbon Handheld Camera Stabilizer

IMORDEN S-60C Carbon Handheld Camera Stabilizer

The IMORDEN S-60C is a stabilizer that not only offers a lightweight feel thanks to being built from carbon fiber but it’s also built to last. The adjustable weights allow this to be a simple and reliable option that works with a variety of DSLR camera types.

The handle rotates easily and is easy to grip with a rubber grip. It’s also adjustable, so you can use it for a variety of jobs. The downside we aren’t crazy about is that the quick release system is a challenge to operate and not always reliable.

8. Glide Gear DNA 5050 DSLR Stabilizer

Glide Gear DNA 5050 DSLR Stabilizer

The Glide Gear DNA 5050 Stabilizer is simple and easy to use with reliable mounting brackets that can work with cameras that weigh up to 2 pounds. It can also support large capacity DSLRs, especially when compared to similar models.

Its lightweight build paired with the handgrip allows for comfortable use and makes for an ideal stabilizer for everyone from amateurs to professionals alike. The one thing to consider is that it’s a bit pricier than some other comparable Steadicams.

9. DVC 17837 DSLR Flycam Nano Camera Stabilizer

DVC 17837 DSLR Flycam Nano Camera Stabilizer

The DVC 17837 Flycam Nano is very lightweight and easy to balance, making it perfect for any type of job, whether you’re an amateur videographer or a professional.

It works with many DSLR cameras of every type of size and shape, providing you with the ability to smoothly and effectively move your camera without getting fatigued. While it’s not the cheapest model in town, it’s a reliable option for any user.

10. Opteka SteadyVid EX MK II Stabilizer

Opteka SteadyVid EX MK II Stabilizer

Steadicams are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and the Opteka SteadyVid EX MK Stabilizer shows that the bigger models work well too!

This stabilizer provides support for a range of weights from DSLR setups and is ideal for everyone from beginners to advanced videographers.

The weight can be distributed evenly underneath the camera so that you can easily and effectively maneuver the camera. It’s a lightweight, minimalist option that is affordable and ideal for any of the best Boston camera crews and their rigs.


Now that we’ve compiled some of the best Steadicam stabilizers for DSLR setups, we’d love to hear from you. Which type is your favorite? What matters most to you when shopping? Do you look for price, construction, quality, design, or something else? We’d love to hear from you, whether you’re new to the scene or a professional on one of the best Boston camera crews.

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