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January 18, 2024

Top 10 Live Streaming Platforms for London Businesses in 2024

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Searching for Top 10 Live Streaming Platforms for London businesses in 2024? If you Google search live streaming services for personal content, you’re going to find many platforms out there, with YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Twitch being some of the most prominent. But what about professional live streaming outlets for businesses? We know that corporate live streaming is crucial for sharing your brand, connecting with others for your conference, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at the live streaming development options you have:

Live Streaming Services

As a live streaming production company Beverly Boy Productions understands the challenge of selecting the right one. With so many options to choose from picking the one that’s best for you can be complex and even intimidating. We hope this article assists you in understanding the streaming platform market. Additionally, we hope it helps you unravel which platform is best for you. So in no particular order, here is our list!


1. DaCast

dacast - stream live video

If you need an easy-to-operate live streaming platform, DaCast could be a great option for you. DaCast offers OTT video streaming and live streaming solutions for any kind of smart devices, including your cellphone. An ad-free platform that is white-labels, it can be ideal for when you need to captivate your audiences. With DaCast, users can access Akamai live streaming CDN to reach people around the world. From TV stations to corporate enterprises, non-profits, and media companies, there many industries that use DaCast, as it’s known to be one of the top live streaming platforms for London.  


  • HTML5 all-device video player, including Integrated Paywall
  • Video delivery via Akamai CDN
  • Low-latency options for streaming
  • Video APIs with documentation, code samples, and sandbox
  • Monetization through subscriptions, advertising, and pay-per-view
  • Analytics dashboard
  • 24/7 customer service

Cost: DaCast’s Premium ($125/mo) and Enterprise ($289/mo) plans offer video API access, chapter markers, direct m3u8 links, as well as monetization tools that can be used for mobile apps. These plans have been designed for companies of any size, including small-scale businesses. The good thing about the Enterprise plan is that it provides more streaming data and storage. Also, DaCast provides plans as low as  $19/mo, as well as “pay-as-you-go” options, and event pricing. So, you only pay what you need and you don’t waste your bandwidth or money!

2. Vimeo

Vimeo Live streaming without limits

Once known as Livestream, Vimeo now markets itself as an “all-in-one” provider for video hosting, as well as where people can live stream their content. Vimeo uses an online dashboard that makes it easy to manage and share content, and also contains cool tools that make it easy for users to share and manage their content, while using custom hardware and software. As one of the best streaming platforms for London, it allows users to have customizable options to use. 


  • Video player and broadcaster APIs
  • Custom hardware and software available
  • Audience interaction/engagement
  • Embedding to your own website
  • Monetization
  • Security and privacy options

Cost: Since being bought by Vimeo, the platform’s plans are now different. The beginning plan starts at $75/mo if you choose the yearly billing option or $199/mo when billed monthly. But with Vimeo, you definitely get your money’s worth: Users can access their live chat that provides moderation and integration with services like Facebook Live and YouTube Live by using Vimeo’s software.  – Users can access live chat with moderation and integration with Facebook Live and YouTube Live via Vimeo’s software. White-label service has some great features like 24/7 live streaming, branding control, security options, and more. This service is a part of Vimeo’s Enterprise plan, which are custom-priced.

3. StreamShark


StreamShark is a part of MetaCDN, which offers reliable and quick content delivery. StreamShark offers a consumer-grade (B2C) platform as well as enterprise platform for streaming. Focusing mostly on CDN services, it also provides multi-faceted online video functionality. Most professional companies in the industry would consider it to be one of the best live streaming platforms for London


  • Customizable video player
  • Privacy controls
  • Support for advertising
  • Support for customers
  • Detailed viewer reports
  • Global coverage through a multi-CDN network
  • Compatible with mobile

Cost: The plans with StreamShark start at $50/mo. If you’re just an individual or small business looking to stream, this could be the StreamShark option for you. Then, the plans start to go up to $250/mo. Higher-priced plans, which include Biz and Pro plans, offer support for monetization through advertising, as well as lower per-GB costs. This actually helps you to save money in the long term. The Enterprise plan options are custom-priced, but they include a lot of really great features. If you’d like to know more about their plans, get in touch with StreamShark directly.  

4. JW Player Live

jw player live

This video platform is a flexible one that started off as a video player but has now incorporated delivery services, as well as video hosting. It’s based on customizable open source coding, and is easy-to-use. 


  • Up to 1080p HD display
  • Customizable video galleries
  • Monetization through advertising 
  • Content-recommendations search engine
  • Content management platform cloud

Cost: The first plan offered by JW Player’s live streaming services is the Business plan, coting $50/mo. This plan is aimed at developers and small businesses, supporting bandwidth for 150,000 plays and provides storage for up to 1,500 videos. Custom-priced Enterprise plans are offered for high-volume streaming and hosting, as well. The Enterprise plans also offer remote revenue sharing and ad-integration. If you’d like to know more about the custom-priced options, you’ll want to communicate directly with JW Player for more information.  

5. Brightcove

Brightcove - video marketing masters

Brightcove is best for large businesses in London, whether you’re located near Buckingham Palace or the London Eye, dividing product services into unique categories like Video Marketing Suite, Video Player, OTT Flow, and many other. The hosting platform for these services is Video Cloud. Video cloud is a streaming outlet that supports monetization and includes an all-screen player, and an analytic feature. This integration-friendly platform is simple to use and has many great features that can benefit your company.  


  • Video analytics
  • HTML5 all-device video player
  • Monetization and advertising
  • Tools for social networks
  • Token-based REST APIs
  • 24/7 customer service

Cost: Unfortunately, Brightcove doesn’t offer pricing plans for their live streaming services but you can work with them to build a customized plan and get a quote for what you need.

6. Ooyala


Targeted at the OTT and media markets, Ooyala is a video platform that focuses on big enterprises. As one of the best live streaming platforms for London, it provides options for advertising and media logistics. Offering both live streaming and a reliable platform for videos, Ooyala provides customizable options for monetizing, measuring, managing, and especially publishing of your video content. 


  • HTML5 all-device video player
  • Platform API
  • Full-featured analytics
  • Different monetization options
  • Integrated advertisements

Cost: Like other enterprise-oriented video platforms, pricing plans aren’t quoted on the website. But according to many people who have used the programs, it looks as though most plans start at around $500/mo. Ooyala is definitely a more costlier option out there. Mainly because this platform targets large enterprises and substantial budgets.

7. Muvi


Another option in the best live streaming platforms for London and surrounding OTT media, Muvi is a top choice for OTT broadcasters. A unique aspect of this specific platform is that it can work as a turnkey appliance. This enables users to launch their video or audio streaming platform quickly and effortlessly. It also includes apps for TV, websites, and phones, and offers all of the incorporated features. 


  • Custom branding
  • Analytics
  • Monetization options
  • HTML5 video player
  • DRM/security features

Cost: Muvi has four different types of pricing plans. The Starter plan is the first one, available at $199/mo. It includes basic features and a shared server. The next step up, the Standard plan, costs $399/mo, adding API support and 2000 more concurrent viewers than the other plan. Next, the Professional plan has every feature found on the previous ones, increasing limits while providing premium support. It costs $1,499/mo. And lastly for Londoners who need it, there is an Enterprise plan priced at $3900/mo. One great aspect is that it has a special, dedicated server which allows mobile/TV apps. This is available at an extra monthly fee. 

8. Wowza


Wowza is a simple, straightforward streaming platform that is very popular in the industry. Offering two top products, the Wowza Streaming Engine and the Wowza Streaming Cloud, Wowza makes things simple but reliable for users. Streaming Engine is self-hosted for streaming and is popular in the industry. Streaming Cloud provides users with the features that make it easy for low-latency access to content. This allows users to appeal to audiences around the world of any size, immediately. Wowza honestly makes it easy for users!  


  • Up to 4K streaming
  • API access
  • Many security options
  • Cloud management portal
  • Live stream recording 

Cost: Wowza Streaming Cloud offers users 4 pricing options to choose from: Live Event Pricing, API-based Pricing, 24/7 Pricing, and Ultra Low Latency Pricing Plans. Live Event Pricing plans start at $49/mo. This option includes 10 processing hours, as well as 500 GB of bandwidth. The Standard Plan costs $199/mo with 50 processing hours and 3 TB of bandwidth. The Plus plan is a step higher than the Standard option and is priced at $499/mo and provides users with 150 processing hours and 7 TB of bandwidth to work with. The last plan is the Premier Plan, which is $999/mo, allowing users access to 15 TB of bandwidth and 350 processing hours. Each plan offers full brand control, HD/UHD and multi-bitrate streaming.  

9. Panopto


Panopto stands out from the rest in that it focuses on universities and businesses in particular. It supports everything from sharing to recording and managing video content with a big focus on internal use. It offers tools for creating “internal YouTubes” and integration with Learning Management Systems. Panopto is best for organizing online videos and it’s especially beneficial for those looking for internal compatibilities. The one thing that some people don’t like is that it doesn’t work for external-facing video content. 


  • White-label streaming
  • Integration with LMS systems
  • Integration with APIs
  • Video-search and lecture-recording software
  • Analytics
  • Access control and security features

Cost: Panopto, like some other options on our list, does not include pricing plans on the site. Broadcaster pay an annual fee, which is dependent on the quantity of people who will be accessing the site. It is built around a licensing model. If educators use it, then the pricing is dependent on the equivalence of student pricing. If you have a plan starting at 500 users, you’ll build a contract with Panopto based on that and thn you’re set. You will get all the access you want for storage and streaming. 

10. IBM Cloud Video

ibm, When streaming video means business

It was once known as UStream, but after IBM took over in 2016, IBM Cloud Video is the program that everyone is familiar with now. IBM Cloud Video is specialized for the enterprise streaming market, making it easy for users to access streaming services like GPU computing and storage, and cloud video. Run through Streaming Manager, which is an online program for videos, you can easily upload, manage, and share live and on-demand content through IBM Cloud Video, one of the best live streaming platforms for London. 


  • HTML5 video player for all types of screens
  • Worldwide delivery via CDNs
  • Social playback
  • Cloud transcoding
  • Internal video sharing platform for corporate communications

Cost: Streaming Manager Pro Plans are priced anywhere between $99 per month to $999 per month. Pro monthly plans include up to 720p HD broadcasting. Anyone interested in using all of the professional broadcasting features has to buy a custom Enterprise plan, which includes 1080p broadcasting, OTT-level features, and many other features as well. 

Which Option is For You?

There are a lot of platforms to check out, so choosing the one that works well for you can be tricky. This guide should help you to see the various options available in the London streaming platform market, whether you’re in the Camden or Peckham area. We hope you’re able to have a clearer understanding of which type of platform could work best for your needs. 

We’d love to help you find the best fit for your specific goals. We know all about the best live streaming platforms for London, so get in touch with us today if you’d like more information. We would be happy to help you get started today! 

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