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Real Estate Live Streaming in London

Video marketing is an option that a lot of realtors are doing. In fact, many companies have been using real estate live streaming in London to show videos of homes already, to save on time and money. Now, with shutdowns and social-distancing, realtors are seeing that live streaming can be the best thing for their real estate services in the COVID-19 outbreak. Staying safe and  protecting clients while keeping up with real-estate work can be tricky, but fortunately live streaming makes it easy to keep in touch with potential buyers and keep up with showing homes. Let’s take a look at some of the best options for agents who want to stay on top of the market even during this time of Coronavirus upheaval.

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Real Estate Live Stream Can Be Ideal for Open Houses

Did you have open houses prepared for the months of March and April already? You may have been so close to closing deals but than COVID-19  showed up and the world was turned upside down. An in-person open house may not be a good idea but live streaming real estate could be the solution to the problem. From Peckham Rye to Shoreditch, you can still show your listings even if you have to do so with video. It’s a great way to advertise what you have to offer and even do open houses to get people interested in the homes for sale.

Face-to-face meetings aren’t possible right now but live streaming your open house can be a great option for highlighting the great aspect of homes you’re trying to sell. It can keep the flow of interest with potential buyers in London while making sure that homeowners are safe from risks of COVID-19. You may not know who has COPD, Asthma, Cancer or Kidney disease, so make sure you adhere to social-distancing while still getting homes sold through real estate live streaming in London.  


Live Streaming Real Estate Tours & Walkthroughs

You can captivate your viewers and get people very interested in buying homes through live streaming. Live stream walkthroughs and virtual tours were already doing wonders but they can be especially beneficial in this time of social distancing. Live stream tours can help real estate agents showcase the best things about a home while also keeping everyone safe.

Consider how you can really show off the best things about a beautiful home near “Sherlock’s home” or one in Notting Hilll without having to even show up at the house itself with a client. You can save time and money through real estate live streaming in London while still providing your clients with a glimpse of the best aspect of the homes you have in your listings. This will help you to continue to provide the best real estate services you can.

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More Real Estate Live Stream Opportunities

While real estate live streaming in London is obviously ideal for open houses and tours, you can also consider different functions that can appeal to your audience. Consider these folllowing options:

  • Highlight reels of a neighborhood where you’re showing homes (virtually).
  • Homeowner testimonials from clients who have worked with you.
  • Home-seller testimonials from satisfied clients who have had success with you.
  • Home auction live streams.
  • Live Streamed discussions with market specialists that can help your clients understand more about the process.
  • Interviews for home staging and more.

Here is our live stream video reel:

London is a great market for your live streaming real estate services. While you may not be able to be all over the city, from Buckingham Palace to Camden Town, showing homes to all of your clients, you can move forward by showing the homes you have through live-streams. When social-distancing and COVID-19 are a thing of the past, you’ll see how helpful it was to live stream. Buyer and sellers can still do business and keep in touch during this experience.

Whether you have listings in Soho or Shoreditch, real estate live streaming in London can help you be successful during this experience. Please, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Beverly Boy Productions. We’d be happy to put our 20 years of knowledge to good use for you. Call us today!