Quick Tips & Tricks for Hosting an Event Online

Quick Tips & Tricks for Hosting an Event Online

Virtual events are the new norm and they’re likely here to stay, so you might as well not only get used to them– but learn how you can be hosting an event online that your audience will love! 

Not only can hosting an event online provide a place for your audience to engage with your brand, but it also offers an opportunity to generate leads, build a following, and establish credibility for your business. Follow these quick tips and tricks for hosting an event online.

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Know Your Audience

We can’t stress this enough! You need to know your audience before you plan any other aspects of your event. Before you determine content, timing, location, or even what to say at the event you need to have a distinct audience defined. 

When we say know your audience, we mean:

● Know who is attending the event.

● Know what they like, dislike, sort of like. 

● Know what their goals are.

● Know where they thrive, where they struggle, and where your brand comes into play.

● Know the challenges they face and how you can help.

Knowing all of this about your audience will help you in hosting an event online that your audience will connect with, engage with, and remember.

Use Visual Branding & Consistency

Hosting an event online doesn’t mean you just forego all of your traditional branding and the visual consistency that would come with hosting an in-person event. You need to keep your branding consistent just as you would do in-person.

 Make sure that you’re using the logo, colors, and fonts that your audience is familiar with from your website or other graphics. The more you make your event recognizable for your audience the greater the connection will be when hosting an event online.

Deliver an Engaging Mobile Experience

Nobody, and we mean absolutely NOBODY, likes to be faced with an event or any form of content online that is hard to engage with on mobile.

95% of users are going to attend your event from a mobile device — you need to make sure that every aspect of your event, from registration to attendance and engagement, can be done from a mobile device with ease. Attendees should be able to view your event materials, marketing, and media from a smartphone. Make sure, no matter what platform you use for hosting an event online, that it will work seamlessly with a mobile device.

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Hire Support

Whether you’ve hosted an event online before or you’re totally new to the concept, hiring a professional to help you with hosting an event online is crucial.

 Why? Because a professional crew, like Beverly Boy Productions, can help you with everything from determining the appropriate bandwidth and technology for hosting your event, to setting up the cameras, lighting, and audio for the event. Nothing will be overlooked and no area of importance missed when you hire support to help you host an event.

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Choose a Date, Time, Theme and Speaker

Finally, you need to choose a date, time, and theme that your audience is going to resonate with and love. Picking the date and time is more about setting the stage for the event attendees to prepare for the program than anything. 

Remember, if you’re hosting an event online that appeals to the working individual with a 9-5 job you’ll need to host during a time when they’re most likely to take a break. Avoid Mondays because those are hectic. Offer early admission and consider including after-hours access to those who may not be able to attend during the actual timeframe of the event.

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Need help hosting an event online? Hire a professional crew to help you engage and entertain your audience. Beverly Boy Productions specializes in hosting events online and brings decades of experience in filming and production to the table. We can’t wait to help you.

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