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Is Zoom for Live Streaming Really an Option for Your Business?

Live streaming is a popular means of delivering real-time video messaging to remote audiences. Many business owners have started using platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, LinkedIn Live and even Zoom for live streaming. Determining the most appropriate live streaming platform for your business is important before you go live.

Virtual face-to-face meetings

With a professional Zoom Meetings license, you do have the option of using Zoom for live streaming. However, deciding whether or not Zoom is the right live streaming option for you requires additional consideration.

Is Zoom for Live Streaming?

YES! Zoom for live streaming is an option for many businesses and it could be a viable option for your brand. Zoom has broadcasting features that are ideal for streaming under a variety of circumstances.

Additional third-party tools make Zoom live streaming an option to various other platforms such as Facebook Live or YouTube Live making it incredibly versatile, too.

Which Businesses Benefit from Zoom?

Zoom for live streaming isn’t for everyone, but there are some new interests in the possibility of using Zoom for live stream. Zoom includes many great features with the video conferencing software including live polls, chat, and even a virtual hand raise option that allows for polite interactions among your audience. 

If you’re interested in Zoom for live streaming between your business, such as using Zoom to connect multiple offices of your or to allow your remote employees connect with your in-house employees, this is a great option.

Zoom can also be a useful option for live streaming between small groups of remote customers such as would be common for remote classes hosted by a teacher or coach.

For this reason, Zoom Live has become incredibly popular among businesses that frequently hold training sessions or webinars for their customers.  Zoom is also a popular live stream option for businesses that regularly hold interactive stakeholder meetings, similar to those previously held in boardrooms.

Is Zoom for Live Streaming Right for My Business?

Live Streaming Business Meetings & Events

Businesses that wish to consider Zoom for live streaming may want to carefully examine their live streaming needs first. Zoom isn’t necessarily the best live stream platform for businesses that are interested in streaming to remote audiences that they are not closely connected with. It’s also not ideal for streaming to incredibly large audiences. 

If you’re looking for a live stream option that will allow you have a unique address for your live stream while maintaining full control of the participation that takes place within your stream – Zoom for live streaming might be a good option for your business.

If you’re thinking about hosting a webinar, Zoom Live could be a great way for you to connect with your remote audience and deliver live conferences, product or service updates, product launches and demonstrations, and interactive webinar experiences for your business. 

Unfortunately, Zoom for live streaming can get expensive if you’re hosting a live stream that includes many speakers or a large group of hosts.

Zoom Live is billed based on a business model that requires every registered host to pay for services. Organizations that will have many hosts involved in their live streaming can quickly see their Zoom Live bill increase which may not be ideal.