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Funeral Live Streaming Services 

Friends and family may find it challenging to attend a loved one’s memorial service due to factors like illness or travel expenses. It may be devastating for them to not be able to attend in person but this is when funeral live streaming services in Philadelphia can be beneficial. It allows families to be in touch even if they can’t be close physically and grieve together.

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Live streaming technology is a service that funeral homes can offer so that when someone passes away, their circle of friends and family can all have the opportunity to remember them, whether it’s in person or through technology. Whether you attend via smartphone or a tablet, live streaming allows you to be present even when you can’t be physically present.   

Live Streaming Funeral Services Unite Families 

As people move away and travel to faraway places become very popular, more families find themselves distant from each other—at least in person. The good news is that technology can help to bridge the gap and allow for communication. When it comes to difficult times like losing a loved one, it makes a world of difference. Live streaming technology has been in use for the past two decades but only recently have funeral homes started to use it for their services. 

While live streaming may seem a bit odd and not like live-streaming a sporting event or show, it’s actually one of the best ways for people to grieve together despite distance as they connect for a funeral service. From scheduling conflicts to sickness, there are reasons why travel to a service isn’t always possible and funeral live streaming services in Philadelphia can help make it easier for families. 

Global Reach for Grieving Friends & Family Members

If you can’t be present at a funeral due to the difficulties that prevent travel, whether it’s social distancing or the cost is too high, you can still be present through live streaming. Live streaming can reach anywhere a person has an internet connection, so even if your family is spread around the globe, they can all participate in the process of paying respects to a lost loved one. 

Benefits in Remote Funeral Live Streaming

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While live-streaming a funeral may not be the most conventional idea, it definitely is a beneficial option for uniting families during tragic times. The service doesn’t have to be shared with the world. Live streams can be done over closed networks and even by invite only, so you can simply stream it to your loved ones and friends. 

There are many benefits to live streaming services beyond reaching people in remote locations. They are:

  • Being able to plan for a service quickly because you don’t have to wait for traveling family members is beneficial for those faiths that may need burial to happen soon after death, such as in the Jewish community.
  • A recording of the live stream can help families to re-watch the service, which can help if you missed some parts due to tears and grief. It also helps those who may have missed the service in real-time have the chance to still view it. 
  • Live streaming allows families to chat in the service so that they can lean on each other during this difficult experience. From those who are remote to those who attend in person, everyone can talk to each other as needed as they would if they were there in person. 
  • Individuals that can’t make it in person still have an opportunity to pay their respects in real-time, which is an important aspect of the grieving process. 
  • Families with little kids may not want to bring them to the funeral. It’s a somber experience that could be a challenge for young children. Live streaming allows parents to be present without having to bring the little ones. 

Although a funeral is a hard topic to talk about, it is important to plan for live streaming services when your loved ones that live in another area are not able to make it. Staying connected in tragic times is important for families who are grieving.   

At Beverly Boy Productions, we know this is a difficult topic but with our team’s expertise and compassionate service, we’ll handle the challenges that arise in funeral live streaming services in Philadelphia so you can focus on other things like grieving your family. We’ve got you taken care of, so contact us today if you need our team to handle your live stream funeral service for you.