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Boston Live Web Streaming

In the world of Boston Live Web Streaming, Beverly Boy Productions is making the process much easier. We’ll take your presentation, message, product, or idea, and broadcast it across the globe. Beverly Boy Productions does that with a level of quality that surpasses others. We handle all aspects from publishing, to logistics, to streaming it out to your viewing audience. You can count on us to guide you through every part of the process.

Massachusetts Live streaming personnel

Massachusetts live streaming personnel play very necessary roles in this very technical kind of filming.  More so than in any other type of shoot, we call on a Technical Director. They are the guiding force in live streaming. The TD handles all the logistics; this includes, but not limited to, the processor you’ll need, software, RAM, wiring, capturing the footage, and what the audience sees. They ensure that all input, output, uploads speeds, and horsepower are at the levels they should be. The Technical Director is an expert in this area and make sure that the audience has an extraordinary viewing experience.

Boston Live streaming service provider

Locating which Boston Live streaming service provider is right for you can be complicated. They offer many different features. Some give you the option to show other images while a speaker is speaking. Others offer PIP (Picture in Picture). While a few might allow you to display your graphs while you’re doing you presentation. With so many service providers, it might be overwhelming to select the right one for your project. Don’t go at it alone. Allow Beverly Boy Productions to take the reins on this one. We’ll explain the differences between providers like Twitch and, and assist you in selecting the best match for exactly what you need.

Camera Gear for Professional Live Streaming

The pros know that picture quality and skill level makes all the difference when live streaming. The knowledge about the camera, natural talent, the ability to capture the perfect shot, and experience, are all unique to the shooter. Camera Gear for Professional Live Streaming, is another topic all together. For that, we can share some information. First, the professionals usually shoot on DSLR cameras. These generally shoot in 60 frames per second. Shooting on the extra frames allow you to see, with great clarity, the subject; no matter how fast it’s moving. The viewing angle on this camera is usually 90 degrees or higher. This in turn gives you that awesome depth of feel, even when you’re exceptionally close to the subject.

Great locations for Boston live streams

Great Locations for Boston Live Streams are Boston’s many lush parks, such as Boston Common and The Public Garden. The city also has a large mariner recreational area, like Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Not to be forgotten, the famous Boston Harbor makes for a wonderful scenic spot. When looking for a place for a grand business event however, The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC), might be right up your alley. This is one of the largest exhibition centers on the North Eastern U.S.  These are all beautiful places for a Boston Live Stream.