10 Corporate Video Interview Questions that Will Act as a Tell-All for Your Audience

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10 Corporate Video Interview Questions that Will Act as a Tell-All for Your Audience

Producing a corporate interview video is a great way to create a tell-all for your audience so that you can generate more leads and increase consumer trust in your business or brand. These 10 corporate video interview questions will form the background story that’s exactly what you need to succeed! With your background story formed with each question you ask, you’ll soon have the details that you need for a professionally produced corporate interview video.

Corporate interview videos are a great way to create audience following for your business while sharing key details about your brand, products, or services so that you can generate quality leads. Starting with the most basic corporate video interview questions, and then building your story as you draw out additional details from the business owner or manager is an excellent way of building content that will attract leads for your brand. Start out with the easiest questions and build upon those so that with the entire list of questions & answers your story forms.

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1. What is Your Name, the Name of Your Business & Your Role at the Business?

Yes, this is multiple corporate video interview questions combined into one, but the purpose of this series of questions is to create a background or basis for your interview. This set of questions is very simple to answer and should include a very basic response that sets the stage for the remainder of the corporate interview. 

2. What Are Your Day-to-Day Responsibilities?

Building on the “role” that a subject has, you’ll learn more about their everyday responsibilities and how involved or engaged they are in the business. This helps to further build the overall understanding of who the subject is, what they do for the business, and what a typical work day looks like. Asking this question is also going to provide some insight into how much the subject knows about the business operations.  

3. What Made You Choose to Work in (Insert Industry)?

This is one of those corporate video interview questions that’s going to give you some insight into the subject’s thought process, their background, and the scenarios that led them to their current industry, field, or role. You’re building credibility and will likely get some background story from this question that will help you to build your interview out.

4. What Makes You Most Happy About Your Role at (Insert Business Name)?

This is going to give you some details about what makes your subject satisfied and it will also provide some key details about the business. The purpose of this question is to try to create some connection between the subject and the audience. Ultimately you want to build a story that your audience is going to resonate and relate with and that involves helping your audience feel connected to your subject.

5. What are Two Things that (Insert Company) Does Better than the Competition?

If a manager, leader, or employee of any sort is able to openly address several positive benefits that the business has over its competition, this information can be incorporated into your storytelling to build trust among your audience and to help curb their attention so that they’re more likely to connect with and resonate with the brand.

6. What Does (Insert Company) Do that the Competition Doesn’t or Can’t Do?

This is the opportunity for you to ask someone that knows the business personally and deeply to be open about the true benefits of the business. Addressing how much more advanced the brand is compared to the competition can be very beneficial in building an audience that trusts in your business. Just be sure that whatever is being said is true.

7. How Does (Company) Solve Real World Problems?

Producing a corporate video is a huge step that can have incredible benefits for your business. Corporate video interview questions that focus on helping to share the story of how the business solves real world problems that your customer audience is likely to struggle with can be incredibly valuable. This is your chance to provide a direct connection between your brand and your audience who needs your products or services.

8. How Has Your Product Saved Time/Money/Resources/etc?

In real world use cases, how is it that the products or services that are owned by the business owner are actually saving clients time, money, or other resources? In other words, what can someone who has never purchased your product gain if they make the purchase? Will they save time? Will they save money? Will there be other resources that are saved? This should further dictate how the audience can resonate with the business owner and should help them to WANT to be a customer if not to support the business, for the anticipation of what they can expect from the relationship.

9. What are Some Benefits that Most People Don’t Know About (Insert Company)?

Explaining some of the lesser known benefits is a great way to seal the deal with a prospective customer that is on the fence as to whether or not to make a purchase or otherwise convert. Asking corporate video interview questions that tell the story of how beneficial clients or customers find a brand is a great way to further help prospects find their way to the business.

10. If You Could Share Anything Else About (Insert Company, What Would it Be?

One of the most important corporate video interview questions you can ask is for the subject to share anything they want to share after you’ve already managed to get them comfortable with the interview and they’ve shared some basics. The goal here is to help your subject think deep about the business or brand and share details that are likely to be powerful and conversion oriented.

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