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5 Ways an Indianapolis Live Stream Cooking Segment Can Grow Your Business

The culinary industry in Indianapolis represents a thriving community of restaurant owners, chefs, and area foodservice providers that reach consumers and supporters throughout Indiana. Despite the large reaching efforts, Indianapolis culinary business owners continue to seek ways to expand their audience awareness, grow their reputations and build business for their brands. Live streaming represents one of many ways that culinary businesses can grow. In fact, an Indianapolis live stream cooking segment can help your culinary business achieve new growth in a variety of ways.

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we realize that growing your business is hard work that requires a lot of special care. We specialize in live stream video production, specifically for those in the culinary industry of Indianapolis, and would like to help your business grow.

Give us a call at 317-350-1477 to learn more about live streaming, and the benefits it can have on your business.

1. Live Streams Reach Further than Any Other Form of Content

That’s right, a single live stream for your business has the power to bring your culinary techniques, inspiration, and love for food in front of a larger audience than any other form of content potentially can.

How? People are more likely to share live streams than they are written posts, still images, or even pre-recorded video content. The more people share, the further your business reach goes. And, the greater your reach, the stronger the impact your brand can make!

2. Live Streams Build Trust Among Buyers

Sometimes, something as simple as a real human face that the audience can connect with the brand, is all it takes to cultivate trust. And, with trust, comes increased conversions!

An Indianapolis live stream cooking segment that shows off your skills and special talents is a great way to cultivate trust among your existing audience and to encourage them to convert into paying customers.

Incorporate a CTA into the video to create some urgency, and watch your brand grow!

3. Live Streams Bridge Connections Between Physical & Digital Storefronts

Is your Indianapolis culinary business struggling to keep customers in-house due to regulations, seasonal changes, holidays, health concerns or simply being in a hard to find location? Live streaming can help you to grow your business far beyond Indianapolis!

In fact, when you host an Indianapolis live stream cooking segment for your extended digital audience, a connection is made between your physical storefront and your digital brand. The result is powerful!

You’ll see increased traffic to your streams which can funnel over to your website or other core brand properties online and, if you’ve monetized correctly, you’ll see increased revenue.

Existing customers will appreciate the increase in accessibility and new customers will find a culinary brand that they can grow to love.

4. Collect Audience Insights and Boost Future Marketing Campaigns

Live streaming your cooking show, specialty tips or tricks in the kitchen, or any other unique content that is relevant to your culinary brand allows you to interact with your audience in real-time. During these interactions, you can collect audience insights from viewers.

Through polls, surveys, live Q&A mashups, and simple conversation you have the ability to collect all kinds of important data about your audience including things like their name, email, phone, purchase habits, likes and dislikes — the list goes on and on!

All of this data can be used to target future marketing campaigns for extreme business growth.

5. Live Streams Increase Conversions & Sales

A simple CTA that is conveniently included in your Indianapolis live stream cooking segment can lead to powerful growth in conversions and sales for your culinary business.

Live stream video helps to convert existing customers and it’s been found to bring new customers, too. 48% of consumers that watch a live video will share it with their own audiences which can potentially result in increased sales for your brand!