How Much Does it Cost to Make a New Product Launch Video?

A product launch video can be used to boost understanding of your new product and to get the audience of consumers ready to make a purchase. In fact, product launch videos represent a key way of encouraging product sales right from the launch of your product, but how much does it cost to make a new product launch video? That’s the key question! The answer, somewhere between $2,000 and $40,000 or more depending on your budget and your vision.

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New Product Launch Videos

Brands that launch new products are increasingly finding new ways of showcasing the launch to consumers to boost interest, generate leads, and signal sales. A product launch video has the power to execute this process, but it’s not something that can be achieved overnight. Product launch videos take time, effort, and a lot of experience to produce. They also take money! However, what you spend to produce a new product launch video will largely depend on:

  • Your vision.
  • Your budget.
  • Your video style.
  • The video length.
  • The expertise involved in the production.

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Product Launch Video Professionals

First and foremost, not just anyone can produce a quality product launch video. In fact, it has been said frequently that a poorly created video is really not good — and that you are better off without a video if you’re not going to have a professional quality video to share. So, before you go thinking about DIY and taking the cheap route out, consider just entirely aborting the video process altogether if you’re going to try to go the unprofessional route!

Several professionals will work in the production of your product launch video to make it a success. You’ll have a Producer, a scriptwriter, a narrator, and even professional actors that all work together for the greater good of your video project. Here’s how the various salaries involved add to the total of $2,000 to $40,000 per finished minute to produce your product launch video:

  • Film Director – >$250 per hour
  • Script Writer – >$150 per hour
  • Cameraman – >$400 per hour
  • Editor – >$175 per hour
  • Actors – >$500 per hour
  • Equipment – up to 100s per hour
  • Studio Shooting – up to $400 per hour
  • Narrator – >$400 per hour
  • Audio Files – up to $1000
  • Video Rendering – up to $75 per hour
  • B-Roll – expect to pay a percentage between 10 and 50% of your total cost
  • Miscellaneous Fees – can cost very little up to 1000s extra


In addition to salaries, there will be costs associated with equipment, rentals, permitting, and various other needs. Keep in mind that many product launch videos are successfully produced by simply capturing footage of customers using the product for the first time and showing the community what solutions the product provides. These types of videos can be created for relatively low costs, generally between $1,000 and $2,000 per minute which is affordable for most brands.

Likewise, some product launch videos, especially those related to the medical field, will use complex animations to showcase the product and its features. If you’re considering the use of animations, including 3D computer-generated designs, be prepared to spend significantly more per minute than the estimated starting point of $2,000. These videos can easily cost $5,000 or $10,000 or more per minute to produce but they are also well worth the investment.

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To learn more about how much it cost to make a new product launch video, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate based on the individual needs of your project.

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