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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Soundstage?

Investing in a soundstage is a huge consideration that many filmmakers find themselves involved in. When filming needs extend beyond the available studio space, the decision to build a soundstage may come up. But how much does it cost to build a soundstage? The answer to this question really depends on several factors including the location, the shoot needs, and the extent of the soundstage that is being built. Naturally, a larger space will cost more, but there are many other considerations that come into play when it comes to building a soundstage.

A soundstage may cost a filmmaker millions to build. Equally possible, a soundstage may cost about $100,000. Without key details, including location, size, lighting, and electrical components, and various other inputs it is virtually impossible to quote a price associated with building a soundstage. A key element related to the total cost to build a soundstage — flexibility!

How Flexibility Figures In

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How does flexibility figure into the answer to your question, “how much does it cost to build a soundstage?” The answer is, flexibility really impacts every element of the decision making process and impacts every element associated with soundstage development.

For example, let’s say you have the option to build a soundstage that includes very basic features, now. Or you have the option to build a soundstage with all the bells and whistles later. If you can be flexible in your timing, you can get more for your money!

Hiring a General Contractor

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It’s usually a good idea to hire a General Contractor to help you build a soundstage. The building relationships that you create early on with your contractor can help you achieve success in constructing a soundstage that delivers all of the important elements you need for your production. A Licensed contractor will ensure that your soundstage is constructed with careful insight to ensure the least interruption from outside sources.

Your contractor will also come with:

  • An architectural vision for your soundstage.
  • Professionalism and understanding of key construction protocols.
  • Logistical understanding of schematics involved in soundstage design.
  • Appropriate equipment and tools to fulfill the mission.

Factors to Consider

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Many different factors come into play when building a soundstage. If you’re thinking, “Nah, a soundstage is just a big empty space that we can film in,” you’re so wrong! The function of the soundstage and the purpose of it goes much deeper than just a place to film. Not only will each of these factors influence the cost to build a soundstage, but they also influence the function and ability for the soundstage to meet its purpose.

Consider the following:

  • Total Space – The larger space, the more you will pay. You need plenty of soundstage room for your production crew, equipment, and any talent involved in the production.
  • Soundproofed Area – You want clean, clear dialogue, don’t you? Clean captured audio will only come from a soundproofed soundstage — and this will increase your total cost.
  • Wiring and Electrical Components – Safety is key! You get what you pay for here. Make sure you’re paying for an electrician that will ensure the safety of your electrical components and that your crew can safely plug-in equipment.
  • Lighting – A great soundstage will have great lighting, but this can quickly increase the cost of building the stage out. More pre-installed lighting is certain to equal more cost.

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