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How Do I Hire a Youtube Video Editor?

Powerful content is produced every, single, day. How will your videos stand out against the competition? It all comes down to the editing and post-production processes that result in top quality Youtube videos that literally deliver your brand to the world. Creating professional content for Youtube takes time and understanding, especially in post-production. For this reason, you may have already considered hiring a Youtube video editor to help you maximize your success. Before you do, make sure that you know exactly what kind of prospect you’re looking for — and who you want to hire for the job.

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Professional Qualities of a Youtube Video Editor

Great Youtube video editors are prepared to deal with various tasks and techniques necessary to produce quality content for Youtube and elsewhere on the web. Not just any video editing will do for this position. You need someone that understands cards, annotations, and the power of editing videos specifically for marketing on Youtube.

Before you interview a possible candidate to work on your Youtube videos, consider the following valuable qualities that your editor should almost certainly possess:

  • Great editors must communicate openly with various other production members as well as with the client.
  • Editors must have a consistent, knowledgeable understanding of the timelines for editing Youtube video content and they must be consistent in their ability to deliver.
  • The more the better! A lack of experience in editing video content specifically for Youtube could result in your video being subpar for the platform.
  • You want to hire an editor that has relevant working knowledge and can actively interact with your team as well as with others in the industry to get the job done.

Before you hire a Youtube video editor, make sure that you’re taking the time to understand the individual and his or her strong points. This way you can be sure to choose an editor that will have relevant skills, understanding, and working knowledge of Youtube and the importance of editing footage specific for that platform.

Questions to Ask

In order to better understand potential editors and their skills or qualifications, consider asking a series of questions that will help you to ascertain whether they are truly the best individual for the job — or not.

The following questions will help you in determining a video editor’s skill set and strengths as they pertain to Youtube specifically:

  • Can you provide testimonials from past clients that you have edited videos for specific to Youtube?
  • Do you have working samples of your most recent videos that were edited for Youtube?
  • Can you provide me with a basic timeline of how the process will work and what deadlines you can achieve on a regular basis?
  • What steps will there be when reviewing Youtube videos that you have edited? How many reviews will we receive before the rate increases? (3 revisions is industry standard)
  • What video formats will you deliver upon completion? (you’re looking for an answer that includes delivery of the files in a format that is most acceptable to you)
  • What happens to my raw footage after you complete the project? (you’re looking for information on whether they store your raw footage, if so for how long, and if not do they send it back to you, and how?)

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