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How Do I Hire a Professional Videographer?

A videographer can effectively capture quality footage from a scene or scenes that will bring the creative vision of the Director to life. Responsible for understanding camera angles, technology, and the various needs of a production environment, professional videographers are vital to the professional quality production of a video, but how do I hire a professional videographer? What skills are required and what should I look out for when bringing a videographer onto the team?

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Professional Qualities of a Videographer

These professional production crew members are experts in operating cameras under various conditions where they can employ angles, focus, motion, and various lighting techniques to capture shots that literally turn basic ideas into reality. Let’s take a look at the qualities that every professional videographer should possess.

Here’s what you should expect:

  • Communication skills. You’re looking for a videographer that works as a team player.
  • Diverse camera operating skills. You’re looking for a videographer that can deliver focused, clear shots.
  • Team sportsmanship skills. A great videographer will also be a great sport!
  • Asking questions and interacting with the videographer will help you to determine their level of understanding of topics relative to video camera operation and your video production.

Each videographer will have his or her own skill sets and those may, or may not, align with your production goals. Discussing the creative vision upfront and asking questions directly relative to your production needs will help you to ensure success when hiring a videographer.

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Videographer Interview Questions

Interviewing a prospective videographer for your production project is an important part of the hiring process. Before you hire, make sure that you’re asking questions directly to the videographer to help you get an immediate feel for how fluent they are in their role and how well they understand what they are doing. A great videographer should be able to have a clear, well-defined, and relaxed conversion with you about the position, their skills, and the skills required for their position. Failure to do this should be an immediate red flag into their skillset.

Here’s what you should ask:

  • If a Director is unhappy with your work, what will you do? You’re looking for an answer here that represents the videographer’s ability to understand that the work they do is to portray the creative vision of the Director, not his or her vision. You’re also looking for details that help you to see the videographer’s ability to work with the Director as a team.
  • What qualities are most important for you as a videographer? You’re looking for an answer that references communication, creative skills, sportsmanship, or the ability to work as a team and understanding.
  • What types of shots are your favorite & why? This is another chance for you to ask a question that references the skillset and abilities of the videographer. The answer should include shots that are important to your production.
  • What types of angles can a shot be taken from? The purpose of this question is to get an answer that showcases the videographers’ ability to discuss their role in a natural, comfortable manner.

How much does it cost

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