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Surprising Benefits of EMT Training Videos

The use of video training is commonplace in much of the working world, but not everywhere. Surprisingly, although EMT training videos are widely accepted, not all educators have adopted this powerful method of teaching, at least not just yet. If you’re wondering if EMT training videos are the right choice in education for your students, consider these surprising benefits of EMT training videos and the power of interactive content to educate students with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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Reduced Training Costs

EMT training videos can reduce training costs substantially, especially for newly onboarded EMTs. By providing training video content to EMTs, ongoing education can take place without ongoing costs. Instead of paying another EMT or a supervisor to train the individual side-by-side, the use of EMT training videos provides consistent training over, and over again, at a single, set cost of upfront production. 


Reduced Scheduling Concerns

Conducting EMT training traditionally required classroom coordination to ensure instructors were on-site and students were ready and prepared to engage in the classroom instruction. The use of EMT training videos allows EMTs to train at their leisure, anytime, day or night and there is no need to coordinate classroom instructor around busy schedules. This further saves on costs associated with educator salaries, equipment, and facilities for classroom education, as well as salaries for the EMTs that are in the classroom rather than on the job. 

Accuracy & Consistency

EMT training videos provide a level of accuracy and consistency in the training that is delivered versus in-person or in-classroom training. When instruction is centralized to a video series, all EMTs are learning the same material, with the same concepts and scenarios delivered, and the same instruction is ensured. There are no quality concerns or issues regarding the consistency of education delivery when video training is used.

Consistency is key

Improved Learning

EMTs that are provided video training series have the benefit of actually learning and retaining more of the information that is delivered to them. Where written content may have a retention rate of about 20 or 30%, when we watch a video we retain upwards of 95% of what we see. Additionally, a video has the power to deliver engaging content in multiple formats so that those with all different learning styles can benefit from the training. EMT training videos cater to multiple learning styles by delivering auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning opportunities for ultimate education retention.

EMT Training videos

Now that you know some of the most surprising benefits of EMT training videos, are you ready to start putting your most important training material into video form? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today to learn more!

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