How to Hire COVID Safe Production Kits

How to Hire COVID Safe Production Kits 

COVID-19 has changed the way that businesses operate worldwide. Social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC have altered the way that professional video production takes place, in many ways, limiting the production process. However, COVID safe production kits make continued progress in production possible without jeopardizing health and safety. When you hire COVID safe production kits for delivery to your home or office for a shoot you can rest assured that you’ll be well on your way to professional video production in a safe-controlled environment in no time. 

Despite shut-downs and changes to the way that film crews must operate in order to limit our interaction with others and to minimize COVID-19 transmission, Beverly Boy Productions continues to offer COVID safe production kits that will help you meet your production goals. Much like hiring a camera crew, something many did before COVID, when you hire safe production kits for your practice you can expect contactless transmission, mobile streaming, remote camera operation, and a completely sterile delivery of equipment that you need to capture professional quality video footage. 

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Contactless Video Production

Deploy a Video Camera System 

To deploy a video camera system, generally you would hire a production crew that would enter your home or office or area in which the footage is to be captured and a crew of several members would work together to deploy the unit. Lighting and audio equipment would be installed as would the camera equipment being set up. This process can be hazardous if one of the crew members were to have COVID-19 and not realize it. 

However, COVID safe production kits make camera deployment safe and simple. To deploy a video camera system, simply hire COVID safe production kits for delivery to your location. The equipment comes ready for operation on a movable cart that includes all necessary lighting and audio components for your ease of use. The entire camera system is deployed in minutes, ready for production. 

COVID safe production kits

Contactless Video Drop Kit 

Your contactless video drop kit requires no face-to-face interaction with a camera crew. Instead, your equipment is ready to operate as soon as you place it in the desired filming location. Contactless video drop kits are set up by a technician that is skilled in camera, lighting, electrical, and sound as well as computer networking. The result is contactless video production in which the entire camera and all associated equipment is ready for use with minimal contact once installed. A remote control is used from another area or completely remote location to operate the camera equipment. 

Unlike traditional camera setups that require multiple crew members to operate, our contactless video drop kit comes with everything you need to begin capturing professional quality video without a camera crew. A single technician operates the equipment from a remote location. The individual on camera is never required to be in the same room at the same time as a technician. Contactless video drop kits help to maintain the safety of our crew, and yours. 

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Sterile Mobile Streaming Kits 

Mobile streaming kits are sterile. In fact, when you hire COVID safe production kits you can expect that the kit has been completely sterilized prior to delivery. Sterile mobile streaming kits are cleaned by our professional crew between each use to limit the transmission of COVID-19 or other germs. Live streaming equipment that is sterile and ready for use allows your business to continue to produce top quality content for your audience without jeopardizing your staff or members of your home or office. 

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Contact Free Shooting Specialists 

If you’re looking to hire COVID safe production kits, contact Beverly Boy Productions. We’re your contact free shooting specialists. We specialize in contactless camera deployment for mobile shooting that adheres to all CDC guidelines and safety and health standards. COVID has changed the way production crews like ours operate, but we won’t let these limitations prevent us from helping you to achieve your production goals. In a world that continues to face a pandemic, we realize the importance of maintaining the health and safety of our crew and yours. Give us a call today and hire COVID safe production kits that can help you achieve your video production goals!

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