5 Ways to Use Instructional Videos in Your Marketing

The use of video is a powerful addition to your marketing strategy. Done right, instruction videos have the ability to connect with your audience on a deeper level while they resonate with what you have to say. In this post, we’re going to explore several ways that you can use instructional videos in your marketing to engage consumers and pull them further through the purchase cycle. Follow along as we discuss different uses of how-to videos in the marketing mix.

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1. Attract Attention with a How-To Video

How-to videos attract the attention of a massive viewing audience. In fact, how-to searches are one of the most popular means of search being completed online and one of the leading keywords in YouTube. What does this mean? People are searching ‘How to” do things. If you have a video that addresses a key issue that people are interested in learning “how to” achieve, you’ll see success.

Marketing Video Content

Consider creating how-to videos or instructional videos that guide your audience through the marketing funnel. Early in the funnel, instructional video content can discuss educational elements of a particular industry, product, service or desired solution.

Progressing further along, your instructional videos can provide real world how-to instruction on using your product or service to solve a problem. Most importantly, you will have video content that can bank on a fraction of the 72% of people that prefer to learn how-to do things through video.

2. Hyperlapse an Otherwise Slow Process

Instructional videos that show how to complete a process that is otherwise slow-going can be hyperlapsed for effectiveness. Hyperlapse videos that speed up the process to allow the audience to capture the key takeaways of the process in a matter of seconds or a minute or two versus hours are ideal.

A Long-Term Solution

Use these videos to show your consumers how your product works over time, how the product provides a long-term solution, or how using your product can save them time.

Many different options exist in using hyperlapse video content to provide instructional videos to your consumers. Use your imagination and consider banking on the instructional deficits that come from those who attempt to deliver this form of content in real time, rather than speeding the process to keep users engaged.

3. Save Consumers Money

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As you brainstorm how you can use instructional videos in your marketing, consider showing the consumer ways that your product or service will save them money. Build your marketing content around the financial savings that you can realize for your consumer.

When creating videos, keep them short and to the point with a heavy focus on delivering 30 second or less videos that include money saving tips that allow for actionable steps that the consumer can put into play to save.

4. Use Instructional Videos in Place of Promotional Ads

Instead of outright promoting a product or service, which can come off as salesy and may turn viewers away, consider the use of instruction videos in your marketing mix in place of direct product promotions.

Instructional videos show the audience how a product or service works and helps them to understand the value of the product or service without coming off as overly promotional.

This type of video content is more useful in social media marketing and tends to build stronger value for your brand than traditional promotions.

5. Be the Thought Leader Consumers Seek

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Sometimes, the best how-to videos or instructional videos don’t even mention your brand and yet, they do a great service for your business.

These types of videos, that answer key questions that the consumer may have about topics relative to the industry help to encourage the consumer to see you as a thought leader and go-to resource for details when a situation relative to the industry arises.

Have Answers Ready

When a problem arises in their daily lives in which you are seen as a leading thought provider, they will turn to you for answers.

Think about the questions your audience may ask and do your best to establish yourself as a thought leader to deliver content to them. They’ll remember you later when they need your product or service too.

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