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5 Engaging Ways to Market your University

University marketing represents a key opportunity to reach the students, parents, and even prospective professors that will make your university thrive. With so much competition in the University system, generating a long list of prospective students that are interested in the degree programs and student services offered by your university can be challenging at best. These 5 engaging ways to market your University represent targeted use of University recruitment video, student services ads, and social media to generate a powerful voice for your school.

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#1 Leverage Social Media

social media marketing for universities

Social media marketing for universities utilizes various social networks such a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest to generate student interest in your school.

Colleges and universities that use social media effectively as part of their marketing campaigns utilize strong editorial calendars that share the important elements of the college, the key story, and student life via social platforms to connect with their audience and engage members that may have interest in attending their school.

Consider the following social media marketing activities for your University or college to generate strong consumer interest in your school:

  • Student spotlight campaigns that showcase student life and what it’s like to be part of the University.
  • Case study campaigns that share past student successes.
  • Student testimonials that represent key satisfaction with the student activities and services provided at the school.
  • University updates and events videos that share the excitement of living the student life on campus.

#2 Live Stream Your Events

Universities that provide live stream events can generate a lot of outside interest in their school with the activities that are already scheduled and taking place around campus.

Consider live streaming major campus events so that prospective students can get a feel for what it’s like to be a part of the sports or athletic programs on campus or to take part in various other activities around the school.

Live stream videos may include:

  • Livestream interviews of students following major events such as games, dances or other social outings.
  • Livestream tours of the campus.
  • Livestream volunteer activities and community initiatives that students are involved in.

#3 Take Advantage of Local Business Networking

local networking for colleges

Your university marketing is not only about what you know, but who you know. Consider registering for membership with your local Chamber of Commerce to get your University recognized on a local level. The Chamber will also provide you with insight into the various local events taking place that may be of interest to you.

Additional networking opportunities for Universities include:

Additional networking opportunities may exist based on the types of degree programs and educational services that you provide. Check online or with your local Chamber of Commerce to get additional details on networking your university system.

#4 Use Animated Explainer Videos to Simplify Admissions

Admissions processes can be difficult to understand to new and prospective students. Simplify the admissions process with animated explainer videos that represent visual representation of the complex processes that take place both before the student and behind the scenes as they apply for various colleges.

An estimated 80% of students seek content online before making a university decision. Your use of animated video content and various other forms of University recruitment videos helps to engage students and prove your services and solutions to them.

#5 Compete with Corporate Video

Universities that utilize corporate video production services find competing with other schools face-to-face and on a national level to be more innovative and effective.

Corporate videos for universities and colleges represent a key opportunity to connect with students and parents, target core messages to unique student bodies and generate buzz for your school.

Consider the following corporate videos for your college:

  • Student achievement case studies that show how past students have succeeded.
  • Promotional videos that showcase the individual student services provided on campus.
  • Student testimonial videos that share real testimony from satisfied students.
  • Corporate responsibility videos that share your involvement with the community and showcase student volunteer activities.
  • Professor interviews that share highlights from the key educators in the school.

Turn to Team Beverly Boy

There are a variety of options to market your University or college online and offline. These 5 engaging ways to market your University are just the beginning.

For help creating video content such as university recruitment videos or any other promotional videos for your college, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We can’t wait to get started with your school.