Tips for Making Creative Team Introduction Videos

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Tips for Making Creative Team Introduction Videos

Video is a powerful tool that is quickly gaining popularity among businesses. Maybe it’s the fact that marketers that use video are seeing up to 50% faster growth in revenue versus those that don’t. Or the fact that the use of video increases social shares by up to 1200%. Or perhaps it’s the fact that video has the power to drive organic traffic increases of 157% or more.

These figures are just a few of the amazing powers that come from the use of video in business. And we see it used in marketing, recruiting, and HR purposes rather frequently. But what about creative team introduction videos? We’ve seen these becoming more widely used, but not just any team introduction will suffice. Here’s what it takes to produce creative team introduction videos that will set your team apart.

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Get the Team Involved

Don’t just ask for input, but value the team input and use it. The most creative team introduction videos actually pull the team together and showcase their personality and the intertwining of the team into the business. Creative decisions should not be left to a single marketing manager or department. Gather the team together and get started with creating something that the entire team can be proud to be a part of. Consider showing your business’s corporate culture. Listen to the ideas of each team member and do your best to incorporate ideas into the video introduction.

Create Employee Testimonials

Creative team introduction videos that highlight employee traits in the form of a testimonial or spotlight represent a great way to incorporate team introductions into your video content. Treat the employees as if they are customers, ask them what they love about their job, what they enjoy doing most at work, why they love working for the business, and what truly motivates them about their job. Capture the testimonials as if you were capturing a customer testimonial. Use appropriate lighting and sound, practice to get it right, and incorporate these into your video. See our example below.

Include Employee Events

Just as a corporate video would include highlights from your various business events, some of the most creative team introduction videos include highlights from employee-focused events that have taken place. If there’s special employee training that takes place annually, consider including highlight footage from this event into your introduction video. These types of highlights show how your team interacts with one another and represent a great way to show new employees what they can expect to be a part of on the team. Consider collecting footage from the following events and incorporating it into your team introduction videos:

  • Holiday parties
  • End of year celebrations
  • Family days
  • Employee executed community events

Get Creative

You cannot possibly create creative team introduction videos without thinking outside the box. So pull out your creative side and get started. The best thing you can do for team introductions is to be original. While it makes sense to watch other creative team introduction videos to get some inspiration, please don’t copy what others do! Think about what you can do to build a team video that will highlight your team and all the great elements that go into making up your network. Be original and have fun with it!

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