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Things to Consider When Hiring a Camera Crew in Orlando

Orlando has been nicknamed “The City Beautiful” with Lake Eola’s fountain being its symbol. This city is famously known on a global scale for Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort, both opening in 1971 and 1999 respectively. As well as hosting the second-largest facility for conventions in America at the Orange County Convention Center, this hot-spot for tourists is perfect for video production. At Beverly Boy Productions, we know the go-arounds and are here to provide you with 10 tips when hiring a camera crew in Orlando.

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With Florida being the “Sunshine State”, you expect it to be at least hot if not blazing. The months of March through to May are the best times to book a camera crew in Orlando. The weather is superb, with most days having highs between the 50’s and 80’s. The fall months alsp comfortable temperatures, but can get quite warm, especially in the beginning of the season.


A film crew needs to be at their best when working and part of that translates to them having full bellies! With that in mind, it’s important to have some tasty food prepared for your crew to keep the energy high. Besides the novelty hot dogs and ice creams, there is a vibrant and delightful food scene in this sunny city. From superb iced lattes, heavenly pancakes, to fully loaded sumptuous toasts, Orlando has got it all! For the perfect breakfast, head on out to Loews Sapphire Falls Resort in Universal and treat your camera crew in Orlando to a buffet breakfast. For brunch, Hamilton’s Kitchen in Winter Park offers a mouthwatering strawberry and shrimp salad. When the shoot’s all wrapped, head over to Urbain 40 for a taste of their famous mushroom ravioli, which is sure to leave a satisfied smile on your spectacular crew.

Orlando Lakes

Orlando is home to a record number of over 100 spectacular lakes. Lake Eola, located in the center of downtown, offers stunning views of the city’s skyscrapers. The Lake Conway Chain of Lakes are a series of beautiful lakes inside a residential area, popular with wakeboarders and fishers. Hire a camera crew in Orlando for a day to shoot these fascinating natural wonders.

Green Space

Orlando is undoubtedly blessed with stunning gardens and national parks. If you need some beautiful natural b-roll, then you will no doubt enjoy walking through the Harry P. Leu Gardens, with over 50 acres of semi-tropical and tropical gardens.

International Drive

What’s a shoot in Orlando without visiting the tourist traps on I-Drive? From kitschy gift shops to themed mini gold courses, International Drive truly encompasses the heart of the city. A camera crew in Orlando can help you get the shots you need for your documentary on tourism or local Orlando business commercial.


When planning a video production in Orlando, Florida, it is important to consider your means of transportation. You and the crew together with their equipment need to find a fast and convenient way of getting around the city. With over 66 million visitors every year, you can be rest assured that this is one city that has perfected its transportation system. It boasts 3 international airports and you have an option of choosing from a wide selection of buses, taxis and rental vehicles. Want to travel in style? Limousines are in plenty as well. You can also access the city using the Amtrak or SunRail rail system.


The city of Orlando is ever ready and willing to issue out permits for holding events in different places situated within the city. Film production in the city might require a permit and your camera crew from this city will advise you that a permit application has to be submitted 60 days before the actual event. You have the option of applying for permits online. Charges may be applicable for various activities such as street closures, assemblies, block parties, parades, fireworks, foot races, aeronautics and loud speakers.


It is ideal to hire a videographer in the city when the weather is pleasurable. The weather in Orlando can be rather hot, humid, and especially rainy in the summertime. If you aren’t accustomed to the intense sun, be sure to carry sunglasses, sunscreen and of course a hat to avoid terrible sunburns.


A great video shoot needs captivating themes and back drops. Renowned for its top-tier golf courses and acclaimed theme parks, Orlando also has a thought-provoking and amazing art collection that can be found at the Orlando Museum of Art as well as the Cornell Fine Arts Museum. The Dr. Philips Centre for the Performing Arts offers exhibits on Jazz, pop, dance, rock and Broadway. A camera crew in Orlando is just what you need to capture the city’s underappreciated, fantastic art scene.

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Theme Parks

Known as the theme park capital of the world, Orlando has no shortage of interesting entertainment. From Walt Disney World and Sea World to smaller attractions such as Fun Spot or WonderWorks, there are a multitude of places to visit to capture the tourism industry in the heart of Florida. A camera crew in Orlando can help guide you to the places that make filming easy and through the hoops to get those sought-after shots.