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Top 9 Film Studios in California

Are you in search of the best California Video Production Studios? We know what you need which is why we’ve put together a list of our favorite options in the region.

The video production/film industry in California has grown to be one of the largest in recent years, with an ever-growing demand in the area of social media marketing and web videos.

With so many production companies in the area stepping up to the plate, there are a plethora of options. Whether you’re looking to capture a stellar TV spot or want to get to work on an independent film, you can refer to this list of some of the best top 9 film studios in California, as well as sound stages that you can hire for production. 

You may be looking to use a green screen or simply a plain white cyc wall. The good news is that you’ll find that California has every type of resource you could possibly want. Looking for top-notch stage lighting? No problem; there are some great options on the list below. Take a look at our top picks and if you see one that fits the bill, get in touch with them as soon as possible.

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1. Studios 60

california film studio

Studios 60 has the type of space you could want for a big project, plus an equally as big reputation. Let’s not forget the equipment that this studio boasts of—its been used for some of the best music videos.

With a great green screen and cyc walls, plus a plethora of props, you can bring any vision to life, trusting that they offer the quality you’re looking for, no matter what the scene may be.  

Phone Number:



6000 Avalon Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90003

2. Warehouse LA

California film studio

What stands out from the rest with this studio is its amazing rooftop set that can provide you the chance to shoot any kind of film or scene with the city’s skyline as a background.

The studio also boasts of some top creative stages so if you’re looking for a versatile studio for a number of projects, Warehouse LA could be the ideal option for you. There’s something for everyone, no matter what vision you have in mind.  

Phone Number:



654 S. Myers St.

Los Angeles CA 90023

3. Sunset Studios 

sunset studio California film studio

With a 100 years in the industry, Sunset las Palmas Studio is a place where you can find everything you may possibly need in one location.

From sound stages and, support spaces for hair, makeup, and wardrobe to production offices for the production team. Need Craft services? They’ve got you covered! and comfortable with extensive parking, and technical support.  

Phone Number:



1111 N. Beachwood Drive

Hollywood, California 90038

4. Willow Studios

Willow Studios has a prime location you’ll love in downtown Los Angeles. As a top California film studio, it has everything you could possibly want, from the parking lots to the props provided, and last but not least, the amazing 150,000 square feet of sets.

Phone Number:



1350 Palmetto Street

Los Angeles, CA 90013

California: Ideal For Renting A Studio To Capture Top-Quality Footage

10 Benefits of Hiring a Los Angeles, California

If you want to film footage in a studio, the state of California is full of options for you. For example, the Getty Center has amazing architecture, gardens, and art that will complement any scene, making for an idyllic background.

The city isn’t only known for ideal locations and studios, it also boasts of some great spots for feeding the camera crew when filming is finalized, such as Bestia, a top Italian spot that is definitely a hit.

California is highly film-friendly so if you want to get the cameras rolling, simply get in touch with your city film office for in-depth information about accessibility and film permits. We hope that the information in this article about the top 9 film studios in California helps your search for the right studio to be a tad bit easier for you.

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5. Evidence Film Studios

California film studio

Looking for a studio with some street cred? Evidence has been the studio behind some of the most seen commercials and popular music videos in the city.

Found in the Echo Park part of the city, its location is another appealing factor. This full-production studio is completely prepared with everything you may be looking for, for your project.  

Phone Number:



2122 Aaron St

Los Angeles, CA 90026

6. Fox Studios

If you’re hoping to create something that stands out, Fox Studios is a studio that deserves a place on the list of top 9 film studios in California.

Home to some of your favorite films and TV shows, we are confident that you won’t be disappointed with what Fox Studios brings to the table: quality in every single shoot.  

Phone Number:



10201 West Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90064

7. Raleigh Studios

Raleigh Studios is yet another top option because it has everything you may think of needing.

From the sound stages to the studio services, screening rooms, and offices, as well as the option of configuring the stage, you can rest assured that the vision you have in mind can come to life at this studio.

Phone Number:



5300 Melrose Ave
Hollywood, CA 90038

8. Atomic Studios

In a city that is well-known for its high-end studios, you could be looking for that special option that provides top quality but at a budget-friendly price.

Atomic Studios is an ideal pick, providing a flat rate that includes the things you need for stellar results. From the green screen to the cyc, plus top lighting and plenty of space with no columns to interrupt your shoot, it could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Phone Number:



2556 East Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90023

9. LA Center Studios

In a place as happening and as large as California, you need a studio that can ensure a safe and successful film shoot.

LA Center Studios has a pet-friendly environment, as well as the option of parking, so you can make sure to have everything that you may need for your experience.

Not only that, but with six different sound stages and office space, it’s the studio that offers everything you may need and more, making it an option to consider when deciding on the best choice for you off our list of top 9 film studios in California.

Phone Number:



450 S Bixel St

Los Angeles, CA 90017

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