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December 16, 2020

Top Tips on Hiring a Professional Web Video Company

Hiring a professional web video company to produce videos for your website or other online media channels can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure as to really what steps you should take or how you should be vetting the professionals for the job.

There are literally hundreds of professionals out there vying for your work, and competition can get ugly! You realize the need to produce professional videos for your business, and you have your budget set, but how will you find and hire the right professional for the job?

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we like to take a lot of the guesswork out of choosing a web video company to work with. That’s why we showcase many of our past projects on our website so that you can immediately get a feel for the type of work that we are capable of.

We promise to deliver professional quality videos at a price that is within your budget, but budget shouldn’t be the only determining factor behind choosing a company to work with. Give us a call at 888-462-7808 to learn more about the benefits of working with us and to find out what kind of specializations we can bring to your web video projects.

To ensure you’re hiring the right professional for your video needs, consider the following:

1. All Production Companies are NOT Created Equal

Just because a production company claims to be able to produce great website videos such as header videos, demos, and product page videos, doesn’t mean that they will meet or exceed your expectations. Do not take their word for it! Do your homework!

We recommend that you look beyond the professional demo reel when seeking to hire a web video company to work with your team. Demo reels are great, and they have a lot of potential to showcase the work of the production team, but they also are often outdated and may show techniques that are well beyond your budget. Further, a lot of demo reels show off the work of past members of the production team, and lack the input of the most current team–which means you won’t always have the same team working on your project that worked on the demo.

Check Recent Works

Instead, we believe you should look at recent projects. Ask the web video company about projects they have completed most recently and consider reaching out the brands or businesses that they mention. In doing so, you can find out if the client was satisfied with the work provided and if the relationship was good. While you may not always get positive feedback, you can get a better idea of who you’re working with if you just take these simple steps and do your homework.

2. Be Upfront with Your Budget

There’s really nothing worse than talking with a web production company, feeling like the relationship is off to a great start, thinking things are going to progress and then finding out that they are well out of your league. It’s better to be upfront about your budget from the start, so as not to find yourself upset in the end. This will save you, and your prospective production crew, a lot of time and potential heartache.

Having a good idea of the budget you except to invest for a web video project also serves to help you outline an appropriate contract with whatever web video company you do decide to hire for your business. Since pricing can vary significantly between companies, it’s a good idea to have your own estimates in mind for the type and style of work that you expect. 

Temper Your Expectations

If you find that what you want appears to be out of line with your budget, and you have multiple agencies tell you so, it may be time to look deeper at your expectations and decide whether you should take some time to save more towards the project, change your expectations, or keep seeking a company that can work within your budget–keep in mind that if multiple agencies mention the budget being very far off, it’s very likely that you need to rehash your expectations.

3. Discuss Your Timeline Expectations Upfront

Next to the budget, timeline is another big factor that will often result in heartache if you aren’t upfront with the expectations. Discuss your timeline expectations upfront with the prospective agency or web video company that you want to work with.

This helps ensure that they can work within the timeline or timeframe that you need the project completed within. There’s not much use spending a bunch of time trying to figure out the rest if the timeline is too far off and impossible to commit to.

Being upfront with your timeline expectations will allow the production company to immediately address any scheduling needs that could cause them to not be able to produce the video within the constraints of time allotted. Also, having a project completion date in mind will help you and your new found production crew to stay on track. This way, nobody is assuming something that shouldn’t be.

Don’t Assume

For example, you never should assume that a web video company can immediately begin working on your project–there’s a very good, almost definitive, chance that they have other projects which are already scheduled and which will have to be completed before they move onto yours. Be prepared to be patient.

4. Stay Involved and Actively Engaged

Finally, as you hire a web video company to work with, you may think a hands-off approach is warranted–but it’s really not! You should be prepared to remain actively engaged and involved with the project throughout the course of the task. Some of the best website videos are the result of the business or brand actively engaging with the production company to ensure their story is delivered in a most effective manner. You know your business best–not your production company. 

Your Input is Key

Do your part to deliver reviews and updates on any content that is brought to you for review. Be constructive and clear about your criticism. Clearly explain the vision that you have for your project, and why–and remind the web video company of this vision throughout the duration of the production. 

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