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Improving the Digital Video Interview Experience with Cinematic Storytelling Techniques

Have you ever thought of using Cinematic Storytelling Techniques for a digital video interview? Filming a digital video interview is a process that many brands think they can DIY their way through successfully, but can they really? It’s easy to get caught up in filming an interview without much thought about the process or the technique, but doing so is a potential injustice to you and to your audience. Improving the digital video interview experience through the use of Cinematic Storytelling Techniques can have a profound impact on the outcome of your interview video.

Not only does taking the time to consider exactly how you’re filming an interview video impact the outcome that your audience will see, it can impact how your subject feels and the confidence they emit when on camera. In fact, you can improve the digital video interview experience just by employing certain “cinematic” techniques.

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Rather than filming with a standard double-camera tripod setup in which one camera is still and capturing the subject in a close-up view while the other is equally stationary and capturing the subject from a slightly different angle, think about all the value that can come from employing Cinematic Storytelling Techniques to the production.

You can share the emotional journey of your subject through Cinematic Storytelling Techniques that take the typical view of your subject as he or she is interviewed and instead captures the subject in one of several other powerfully cinematic ways. For instance.

Use Handheld Shots to Make a Powerful Impact

Sure, anyone can set up two cameras on two different tripods and call it an interview, but why would you want to do it that way when you can use handheld shots to capture the emotion of your subject and make a powerful impact on your audience? Improving the digital video interview experience through the use of handheld shots which capture the true essence of your subject’s emotions and their underlying state during the interview process is so much more fun!

Handheld shots allow you to adjust the visible composition of your subject within the frame on the fly creating something much more cinematic and much less “talking head” style. Consider placing emphasis on a smooth shot that adjusts visibility of your subject dynamically as they speak on the camera – your audience will love it and your subject will feel more important as they speak.

Use Aerial Shots to Provide a Bird’s Eye View

Providing a bird’s eye view of your subject is another amazing way that you can improve the digital video interview experience and neither your audience nor your subject will be disappointed in the process! All you have to do is consider how you can incorporate an overhead view of your subject or of some other element relative to your interview so that your audience is going to feel amazed at the storytelling behind the shot or scene.

Think of simple aerial views that can be filmed from something as simple as a ladder that towers overtop your set or consider the use of drone footage outside the interview to increase audience visibility of the area where the interview takes place. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to share, providing an aerial shot is a great way to offer perspective that a typical interview video simply cannot offer and it’s well worth the effort.

Put Dolly Shots to the Test

Your subject is almost certain to expect a digital video interview experience that includes some basic view of him or her speaking on camera in a casual manner, but what about making it interesting with a dolly shot? Give your audience the feeling that they’re walking right there with your interview subject, in their shoes, by producing a dolly shot that visibly follows alongside the speaker as they address various concepts of their day-to-day operations or other details. This is so much more fun to watch than a typical subject sitting in a chair sharing the details of their day – your audience will be amazed.

It really doesn’t matter what your interview concepts are or who you’re interviewing, if you’re going to engage your audience you need to be using Cinematic Storytelling Techniques in addition to your own basic techniques. The use of various shots and specialty approaches to filming the interview is going to make the overall digital video interview experience more powerful for those who want to engage in your films.


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