Title 4 Ways to Persuade Customer with Video Content

4 Ways to Use Video Content to Persuade Customers

Effective video content has the power to persuade consumers to take action. Whether it’s making a phone call, or funneling through the next step of a sales funnel, a great video really does have the power to change the way the consumer thinks.

If you’re creating marketing videos, but you’re not focusing on how you can use those videos to persuade customers to take action, you’re missing out! Businesses need to influence the customer to move along a particular path and to choose a specific response. Persuasive video content is the means to making this all happen.



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Here are a few ways that you can use video content to persuade consumers to take action.

  1.  Compel Action with a Great Story

    storytelling with video and books
    Have you ever been so in tune with a book that you just can’t put it down? A great story can literally keep you stuck in the book. The same goes for video. A great story will literally keep customers interested in learning more about your product and your brand. Don’t try to cram too much into the narrative though. Successful video content can persuade customers with minimal narrative. Use visual imagery, music, and a mix of narrative to deliver the story. A great story will compel the visitor to funnel through your site deeper into your sales funnel and closer to purchasing a product or service from your brand.

  2.  Use a Less is More Approach

    Both with the styling of your video content and with the length of your videos, a less is more approach can be more persuasive to customers in many cases. Let the technology work for you and use the imagery to compel the consumer. A short, powerful 1-minute video can be far more compelling than a long, drawn-out story that lacks engagement or substance.

  3.  Capture Customer Attention in the First 10

    The first 10 seconds of your video will make or break it for your brand. Capture the customer’s attention and begin the persuasion process in the first 10 seconds. Essentially, anything less than this and you’ve lost the consumer’s interest. Before they press the back button, deliver engaging and meaningful content to them that will make them want to stick around.

    If you can keep the viewer engaged past the 10-second point, you can deliver a persuasive bout of content that will keep them interested fully in what you have to say.

  4.  Show the Consumer, Don’t Tell

    show and tell with video
    Consumers are persuaded by marketing videos that tell a story and show them exactly what it is they are missing if they don’t take action. For instance, showing product features or benefits helps the consumer to see that if they don’t make this purchase, they lose out on the benefits of the brand. Video marketing content persuades the consumer by giving them a glimpse at what they are missing out on by not purchasing the product.

    Ready to produce video content that persuades customers to take action? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We’ll help you get started with your first marketing videos for your brand.


Here’s an Example of Persuasive Video Content Produced by Beverly Boy Productions:

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