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Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video to Succeed

Industry professionals are privy to the idea that video is valuable, but some still ask, “Why does my business need video to truly succeed” or “do I really need video that much?” Many wonder if video is just another internet marketing fad that will soon go away like many other concepts which have faltered and lost steam over the years. In fact, some businesses see the cost of video production and think up any excuse they can to avoid a video campaign. Yet, a short video can deliver an inspiration and engaging story that says a lot about your business, and this is just one of the top reasons why your business needs video to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

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Brands that are not on board with video have the potential to miss out on a lot! Video can increase brand recognition, leads, customer trust, sales, and engagement. At Beverly Boy Productions we can name several reasons why your business needs video to succeed, but don’t take our word for it — checkout these top benefits of video production for your business.

      1. Video is the Most Popular Media Online

Want to get your business spotted by a larger audience that is going to share your content with others? You need video!

Video is the most popular form of media showcased online today. In fact, YouTube alone generates billions of views each day to videos that are produced by large and small businesses, including both mom and pops and huge brands like Nestle or GE.

If you want to stand out against your competitors, and you want to meet customers where they’re spending their time then consider this a huge reasons why your business needs video. Plus, more than 80% of search traffic is made up of video, so if you’re not hitting the target and delivering quality videos for your prospects, you’re missing the mark!

     2. Video Tells the Story of Your Business

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Want to share your story with the world? The best way to do it is with video! This is yet another reason why your business needs video to succeed! Video can be used to share your story more effectively and efficiently than any other media.

Sharing your brand story and connecting emotionally with consumers will help your brand to build trust and generate greater connections that will increase sales for your business. Of course, if you don’t need more sales, then maybe you don’t need video? But who doesn’t want more sales?

    3. Video Results in High ROI

While you may look at the cost of producing video for your business and scoff, have you ever researched the average ROI that comes back from producing a video? If you’re really looking for reasons why your business needs video, consider the fact that video can provide a measurable ROI that truly dictates your success with the campaign.

There are several different tracking metrics and options that you can use to determine the total ROI for your video content, but in the end we believe you will certainly find that video results in a significantly higher ROI for your brand!

Still not convinced as to why your business needs video to succeed? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call so that we can enlighten you!