Free Continuity Sheet Sample

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Free Continuity Sheet Sample

Sometimes neglected or overlooked until absolutely necessary, the Continuity log is an essential element that the continuity team must take responsibility for in order to ensure seamless continuity of your production. Whether the continuity of the film is assigned to an entire team or an individual such as the assistant director, a continuity sheet is used to track takes, shots, duration, and descriptions for later recreation or other essential needs.

Most filmmakers have their own ideas of what a continuity report sheet should look like. Others seek free continuity sheet samples as a means of having the essential data when continuity reports are required for a film. Whether shooting film or video, continuity sheets can keep all of the essentials of production, including details, episodes, and scenes, slate, and ident numbers as well as any other essential notes to ensure the sound log, video log, and continuity log are accurate.

How the Continuity Log Works


A Continuity sheet or log works to provide detailed notes of each scene, number, and details that take place while filming. Camera file numbers and essential audio file numbers are also paired with the scene number in the continuity log so that the notes for the scene can later be reviewed by the editor and the end of the shoot reference is all in one place.

When the editor goes to edit the film, they should know if an airplane flew over during a particular take. The noise of the aircraft would be noted in the audio log and the continuity sheet will represent notes to show this. If a file is out of sync, a note is made in the continuity log so that the editor knows this too.

A continuity log helps your editor to understand why there are so many takes, so many audio files, and so much going on when the footage and files make their way to the editing team.

What’s in the Continuity Sheet?


Notes. Lots and lots of notes! That’s what you will find in the continuity sheet!

Things like:

  • Notes regarding when a scene has been shot out of sequence.
  • Information regarding whether hair was up or down for a scene.
  • Details on whether a cup or paper was held in the left hand or right.
  • Notes regarding reshoots and additional shots.
  • Information on scenes and lighting for reshoots.
  • Notes on why a particular decision was made in shooting that the editing team may not know about.

Sample Continuity Sheet

To get a better understanding of how the continuity sheet works, consider the following sample continuity sheet files that you can download and use in your own filmmaker or consider recreating in  your own format:

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