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Tips on Choosing the Right Video Production Companies in Baltimore

Outsourcing video production is a common trend for Baltimore business owners, especially since more than 80% of businesses now use video in their marketing strategies. If you’re looking for options to fulfill your video production needs in Baltimore, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, you’ll find that the video production industry is actually highly competitive within the city and that there are many crews vying for your business. Choosing the right video production companies in Baltimore requires you to research the many options available to you before making an educated decision as to which may be most suited for your project.

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Tips to help determine which video production companies in Baltimore are most likely to deliver your project successfully:

1. Check Experience Specifically Relative to Your Project

Sure, you could just research a list of video production companies in Baltimore with general experience, but this won’t do much for helping you find the professionals that have the skills and understanding specific to your project needs.

We recommend you first make a list of objectives relative to your project and the individual video production services and requirements for each. Then, research local video production companies in Baltimore that provide such services. 

2. Examine Recently Past Work & Clientele

Once you’ve made a list of the companies with the experience that is directly relative to your project needs it’s time to begin checking into their recent work.

It’s important to check the most recent past first, because this will be most resemblant of what they can provide now.

Checking old projects may show a lack of technique, less experience, or could even have been produced by different crew members and teams compared to what you can expect now. 

If you’re having trouble finding their recent work, ask! Many don’t update their websites frequently because it’s such a time consuming process and often requires a web developer to achieve, so you might have to check other places.

Some will have a Vimeo account or other hosting for projects and most will include clips of recent projects in their social media profiles, so checking there is likely a good start.

3. Discuss Your Project, In Depth

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Choosing the right video production companies in Baltimore is almost equally as much about discussing the past projects of the company as it will be about discussing your project.

When you do get a chance to chat with the various companies on your list, make sure that you are prepared to talk about your project.

You should be able to provide insight into what you want to achieve, what your ideas are for the story, what your vision is, and what your expectations are. 

Equally important, when chatting with the video production companies in Baltimore that you are considering, they should be engaged and actively showing interest in your project.

They should even kick around some ideas with you — this is a sure sign that they are invested.

4. Define Success & How You Will Measure It

You should be able to tell the production company exactly how you intend to measure the ROI of your project. How will you know when the video has been a success?

Clearly articulating this to the production company that you are considering a long-term project with is important because it will help them to see what your goals are and what your intensions are as well as how you plan to bring it all full circle.

They should also provide insight and be prepared to discuss further.

5. Discuss Timeline, Deliverables & Budget

Discussing the timeline and deliverables with the various video production companies in Baltimore that you’re considering will allow them each to provide their own insight and to communicate whether or not they can deliver within the appropriate timeline that is set.

If your timeline is hard-set, you must be upfront with the production company so that they can let you know whether or not they can commit to that. If they can’t you’ll have to keep looking for a better fit.

The same goes for budget — there’s no use hiring someone you cannot afford.

6. Get Proposals in Writing

The final step before deciding on the right video production companies in Baltimore for your project is to ask for proposals from each of your shortlisted options.

Make sure they provide the project proposal in writing so that you can later compare your options. Compare the various proposals against one another.

You should also be thinking about the experience, expertise, and individual conversations you had with each production company before making your final decision.