5 Tips for Effective Medical Supplies Manufacturing Videos

Medical supplies manufacturing companies can incorporate video into their blog posts, email campaigns, and social outreach to boost consumer awareness and generate more leads.

Offering various types of video that informs, educates, and encourages staff and outsider consumers to engage with your medical supplies manufacturing company helps you to gain leads, keep staff trained, and establish credibility in the industry as a thought leader. Here’s what you need to know to create effective medical supplies manufacturing videos for your audience.

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1. Focus on Industrial Purchasers

A great way to generate leads from medical supplies manufacturing videos is to focus heavily on your audience – and industrial purchasers are one focus where you really need to think about your video content.

With up to 95% of a video message being retained and 65% of top executives stating that they visit a company website after viewing a video, you really can’t afford NOT to focus on the consumer. Deliver content that meets their unique needs for the best results.

industrial medicine

2. Make Videos Easy to Share

If you’re creating medical supplies manufacturing videos for Youtube, they can be a bit longer. However, if you’re targeting an audience on Facebook, you need to create videos that are much shorter in length. Consider where you are going to post your video and how or where you expect it to be shared as you plan. This should dictate the length and other parameters of the content prior to production.


3. Explain Complex Concepts Visually

Written content isn’t always easy to understand, but medical supplies manufacturing videos that deliver explanations on complex topics via a storyline make the details easier to understand and digest. Consider the use of graphics, animations, and a mix of both audible and visual techniques to make complex concepts visually interesting and easy to understand.

live action explainer video

4. Offer Videos Everywhere

Not just on your website, but in social feeds, in your email outreach, and even at your medical supplies manufacturing business. You can even use video presentations to help your sales, marketing, and business development professionals close more deals. The goal is to recognize that your competition is using video in more ways than one — and you should be too.

5. Align Videos with Corporate Goals

Your medical supplies manufacturing videos should align with the overall corporate goals of your brand. So if you want to attract more leads, consider videos that are built for Native upload to Linkedin.

If you want to generate more authority in the business, consider content that hits on niche topics relative to your practice. If you want to grow trust, produce medical supplies manufacturing videos that showcase client testimonials. Aligning your videos with corporate goals will help you to achieve greater ROI for your marketing campaigns.

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