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Below are 7 good reasons to hire Beverly Boy Productions!  —— Beverly Boy in the news, featured on CBS!

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Why is Beverly Boy a sound choice for your next video project?

1. Experience: With over 15 years in this industry, we have made the mistakes, learned the hard lessons, and mastered the art and science of the production process. Some of the worlds largest brands have put their trust in us for this reason. We want to put that experience to work for you.

2. Customer Service: Communication is key in any relationship, we are available 24-7, 365 for our clients. Email, text, Facebook, whatever works for you! we work tirelessly to be available for whatever you may need during the production process.

3. Turn Key: Immediately at the ready to tackle any aspect of your production challenge. One call, and we are equipped to take the burden out of your hands, and in return deliver a complete finished successful project.

4. Honest: We lead with morals, and integrity, we don’t cheat people or lie to get a job, we are trustworthy and transparent, we sleep very well at night knowing that we are guided by these principals.

5. Creative: Our award winning creative team works around the clock, influenced by the art and craft of our current portfolio, and that of our counterparts. Always stretching the limits and exploring new methods  and techniques. We believe that we are true artists, and your project is our next masterpiece.

6. Accountable: Every project is supported by 3 levels of accountability, your crew, your producer, and our ownership, your voice will always be heard, and any challenges will be met with professionalism and resolve.

7.  Peace of Mind: Rest assured when you hire Beverly Boy Productions we will give you peace of mind thought the entire process, with an effortless approach, and ease of communication, we aim to produce a project that produces results for your organization.