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Miami National TV Commercial Production

What an exciting project to work on! This National TV Commercial was produced for our friends at one of South Florida’s top Advertising agencies BFW in Boca Raton. We have worked with them several times in the past, and are always excited when they call for a new project. We were brought on board to execute on an idea that was dreamed up buy the client and agency. The premise was to give the viewer the point of view of looking through different windows across the US to pier into the lives of the home healthcare care givers as they care for their patients. There was a story board provided for this project, as well as a vision as to what the client wanted, it was our job to make it a reality. The producer on the project Tavares Beverly set out to put together just the right crew to pull off this 2 commercial, three day, 30+ actor shoot. The approach for the production of this national TV commercial would require a total of 20= crew members. The crew included, art department, sound, location manager, 3 locations, hair and make-up team, camera department, and a small army of grips, gaffers, and of course craft service to keep our belly’s full. At the end of the day we could have crafted a 2 minute spot with all of the superb footage we captured with the Arri Elexa, but once we finished the final edit of the 30 second spot, we knew we had something special. The purpose for creating an effective commercial is not to make something liked by all, but loved by few. We were able to craft a National TV spot that was loved by the Interim staff across the country. But more importantly, very well received by the target audience across the airways for which it was created.

If you are wanting to create a National TV commercial in Miami, who better to call than us? Beverly Boy Productions has the experience and a proven track records that shows our success as one of the best video production companies in Miami, Florida. Please give us a call today at (305) 579-4792!

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