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Charter School Commercial

We have been working in the arena of school video production, or school videos for quite some time. Over the years we have mastered the technique of the charter school commercial. During this time we have discovered that there is an art and science to producing commercials for charter schools. We are fortunate to have had many charter school clients over the years, and have been able to produce TV commercials, web videos, and enrollment promotional videos that have helped them grow. This commercial was produced in Tampa Florida, and was part of a multi-video campaign. Our client was very happy with the outcome of the video. We were able to use all real students, and faculty as talent to give an authentic feel. The day we filmed these videos, class was in session, and the school was bustling with students, parents, and school employees. However we were able to get in, get the shots we needed, and get out, with very little disruption to the school day. In our experience the most important thing to do when it comes to filming a charter school commercial, has been to plan, plan ,plan. When we shoot commercials for charter schools, the first order of business is to have a pre production meeting with the owner or principal. during that meeting we strategize on the logistics of the daily schedule, decide specifically which individuals we want included in the video, and plan the day accordingly. We have contingency plans set aside, just in case something doesn’t go according to plan. With our proven process, we have been very successful with churning out a number of school videos , and wish to continue to produce many more.

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