Tampa Testimonial Video Production 
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Tampa Testimonial Video Production 

When planning your Tampa testimonial video production, you need to work with a qualified team of professionals to make it work. The process of crafting top-notch customer interviews or talking headshots involves delicate preparations to achieve high-quality visuals and clear audio. In addition, you have to prepare the interview subject beforehand so that they can settle and express themselves freely throughout the interview. At Beverly Boy Productions, we not only look forward to coming up with an effective customer interview, we always seek to understand your objectives so that the video product we produce markets your brand exceptionally well to your target audience. It can be hard to work with an interviewee who has never been on a film set before. But as professionals, we have seen it all. We will work with the interviewee to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible to deliver an authentic reaction. If there were any jitters before because of the hot lights, or the the guy sitting on an apple box holding an 8-channel mixer, we will help them feel relaxed to present themselves in a natural way. The beauty of a good interview resides on the capacity of the subject to deliver a heartfelt testimonial. Perfection is not the aim, but an honest presentation of the person on camera will captivate the audience. A customer interview is an effective way of telling the story of your brand through the eyes of a customers. Since you need to make the most out of the opportunity, you have to hire a crew that can undertake your upcoming Tampa testimonial video production. Call us today and let us discuss the possibilities you want to explore. 

Location To Film Client Testimonials

If you want your client testimonials to be filmed in Tampa/Florida, you need to identify the most appropriate location that can allow a professional interview to be filmed. The environment matters because you need to record the highest audio and visual quality. Visually, the space should just be enough to enable the subject to take center stage. The viewer should be able to pay attention to what the person being interviewed is saying. When looking for a location to film your project, the background is often used to set the mood of the film. You should never pick a set that has an overpowering background. But in case you have one, a quick fix is to create a depth of field that makes the background fade away, and the subject the point of focus.

Audio: an environment that constitutes high activity like a bus stop, an airport, or a train station is not ideal. There are instances where you can get tempted to 

film client testimonials on a fancy restaurant or on a beach. Avoid busy areas because they will interfere with the audio quality. In general, outdoor interviews are entertaining but not good for interviews or testimonials. The best option is filming an indoor interview, especially if you are planning to film an in-depth interview.     

Customer Testimonial Production in Tampa  

In case you are looking for a great spot for Customer Testimonial Production in Tampa, our local crew can recommend great options. Plus, the greater Western Florida area has amazing venues that you can use, if you are looking for alternative, other than to film your customer video production in Tampa. The city of Tampa has great weather, with yearly temperatures ranging between 52°F to 90°F. If you are looking for great landmarks in the city, you can start with Tampa Riverwalk and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Tampa client testimonial production 

A corporate interview can feature different stories, from an NGO championing an environmental cause, to a Fortune 500 company presenting a new product to the market. A video production company that can deliver a high-level corporate experience will provide the best services in any situation. For instance, if you have an on-camera talent who has a few minutes to appear on screen, a highly-skilled team can make use of the short time to record an incredible session. It is worthwhile to engage a company that can deliver the best Tampa client testimonial production service. In case you want to create fantastic testimonials of your clients, we can get the job done. Just give us a call and have a chance to work with a great video crew from Beverly Boy Productions.


Testimonial Video Production


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    We bet that you have watched a couple of interviews before, and on face value, someone can easily assume that conducting an interview or talking head shots is a walk in the park. The setup tends to look simply easy to execute; how hard is it to film two people having a conversation in a room, right? But what you have not factored in is the detailed planning that involves the location, the equipment, preparing the guest, and so much more. But we understand that like most things film and video, it’s easier to state talk than produce a good quality video. You will find that even an entire crew can have a hard time filming a simple interview if they have not planned well. So, to have a world-class interview that can promote the brand of your business, contact Team Beverly Boy today.



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