New Haven Testimonial Video Production

New Haven Testimonial Video Production

Looking for a trusted New Haven testimonial video production company? Some of the best advice we can give for customer interviews or talking headshots is to make it “No Fuss.” You need to avoid your interview subject having a panic attack from trying to recall their lines. This is not a Broadway performance, and we will not be awarding trophies, but we want to focus on creating an effective customer interview. The best way to make that happen is by having the interviewee as relaxed and focused as possible. We want an authentic reaction from the person in front of the camera, so they should not focus on the hot lights, cameras, or the guy sitting on an apple box holding an 8-channel mixer. It’s all about developing the relationship with the interviewee and your audience and getting a heartfelt testimonial that resonates with your audience. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but viewers should feel that the person on camera is speaking to them. When shooting a customer interview, it should be memorable and doing that means we have done our job! Give us a call to go over your New Haven testimonial video production, we would love to speak with you! 

Picking the Location To Film Client Testimonials

When you are selecting where your client testimonials are going to be filmed in New Haven, Connecticut you don’t want to fight the environment of your space. Visually, you don’t want the space to overpower your subject. The viewer should be paying attention to the person being interviewed, not the background, which needs to be just that- a background! A quick fix for a background that might seem a bit too distracting is to create a depth of field that pulls it out of focus and sharpens focus on the subject.

With audio: Avoid an environment you can’t control. It might look cool to film client testimonials on the beach, but the wind and the water can wreak havoc on your crisp audio. Generally, outdoor interviews tend to be problematic. Planes, car horns, animals- you name it- can get loud, so your best bet is an indoor interview, especially if it’s an in-depth interview of more than a few questions.     

Customer Testimonial Production in New Haven

Looking for a prime spot for creating a Customer Testimonial Production in New Haven? Then there is no reason to go outside of the city! South Connecticut is the perfect place to film a customer video production in New Haven. With cool winters and humid summers, New Haven also offers amazing locations to film here, like Yale University and East Rock Park.  

New Haven client testimonial production

A corporate interview can be a small business owner introducing a new company to a celebrity with a message to deliver. A video production company with high-level corporate experience is the best bet so that you can eliminate mistakes. It is possible you will only get 15 minutes with the on-camera talent and there is no second chance. Our level of professionalism and expertise will allow you to relax knowing that your New Haven client testimonial production will go off without any issues. There is no better way to sell products than with testimonials of your clients singing praises of your company. Maybe you want to capture the keynote speaker of an event? Whatever you want to do, a great video crew presents endless opportunities! We’ll help you make everything look and sound better than it does in real life and who doesn’t want that?

New Haven

Testimonial Video Production


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    At first, conducting an interview or talking head shots might seem like an easy production, and it can be. A subject sits down in front of the camera, you turn on audio, hit record, ask your questions, they answer those questions, the shoot ends. Easy enough, right? Wrong. As in most things with film and video, it’s not always that simple. Even something like conducting an interview can present problems that, if not dealt with quickly, can create more problems during editing. But don’t worry! Team Beverly Boy can help you streamline the entire process.



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