Why are Special Effects Important

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Why are Special Effects Important

The importance of special effects really depends on the video project and individual needs. However, as we answer the question, “Why are special effects important,” consider all the ways that special effects can be used to improve the engagement and interaction of your film. Without special effects, a film may be boring.


Special effects produce powerful entertainment for your audience. In fact they can be used to captivate the audience in a way that has them feeling like what they are watching is so realistic that they are “in” the movie. Special effects make cast members more appealing, scenes more inviting, and footage more captivating.


Special effects compliment the visual effects that you are already including in your film. For instance, special effects can be used to override visual effects so that nothing in the footage appears out of place. Together the two make the film stand out. A great mix of special effects and visual effects can be used to add visual balance to the film while engaging the viewer.

Generate Buzz

Special effects can be used to generate buzz for a film project before it is even complete. Animation and other effects can be used to bring the ideas to life before you actually film. This allows us to visualize the finished project and share it with investors and other members of the production team.


Special effects create a powerful connection with viewers so that they will recall what they watched. Visual effects and special effects are used to stimulate the viewer. This is a powerful addition to commercials, movie trailers and other film projects that you want to use as a means of enticing viewers to remember what you show.

Error Removal

Special effects can be used to clean up final footage and fix any errors or blemishes that were not caught before the shoot. Instead of spending time and money on reshoots, special effects can be used to polish up the finished footage and render it useful for the final cut.

Special effects are used throughout production in various ways. These are just a few of the ways that special effects are useful and important. For more information, call Beverly Boy Productions to learn how we use special effects to make the most out of your video project, and maybe hire a Visual Effects Director.

Cinecom uploaded a really entertaining video about creating your own special effects: