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What is ENG (Electronic News Gathering) Video Production?

Electronic News Gathering (ENG) video production represents the use of electronic video and audio technology and gear to film and broadcast live news to a remote audience with the support of a reporter, single camera man, and production crew that works on location.

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Electronic News Gathering (ENG) represents a unique process of placing reporters and editors on site to capture news and events on location using the support of electronic audio and video technologies to film and record events which are then broadcasted to the desired audience.

Electronic News Gathering (ENG) video production represents the use of such electronic equipment alongside a reporter, cameraman, and behind-the-scenes film crew that works out of a truck on location to edit and broadcast news to intended audiences. This portable video production process. Is used worldwide to capture news events and share them with the world.

What is ENG?

If you’ve ever watched the news, you’ve likely seen ENG in action! Just think about all the times you’ve seen the news on television and one minute a reporter is live in the studio discussing the weather.

The next thing you know, they are cutting over to another report who’s on location in the middle of a storm, being pelted with rain, reporting on the wind that’s nearly blowing the individual away. That’s ENG!

Electronic News Gathering (ENG) includes the use of electronic equipment to produce news and distribute it to the desired audience from a specified location. The process involves recording one or two channels of audio while capturing the associated video via a single camera setup.

Once complete, the synced audio and video is delivered to the appropriate teach that works to edit and finalize the footage for distribution.

Electronic News Gathering Video Production

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ENG video production requires some basic gear such as a microphone and a camera as well as a field mixer that allows the production team to mix the signal to the camera. Sound devices are also generally brought on location to ensure field reporters don’t run into any timecode jamming issues.

A full-service ENG video production crew will have all of the supporting technology and gear required to successfully capture news on location and produce the desired footage from their on-location editing platform (usually a truck full of equipment and gear).

Trust Experienced Professionals

If all of this sounds like a foreign language to you, don’t worry! Beverly Boy Productions can help you understand the many options and benefits of ENG video production, the appropriate gear and equipment to have on site, and what should be considered before you begin filming.

When filming news on location, ENG video production processes will vary slightly depending largely on the overall intentions of the finished broadcast or video.

The production crew will monitor signals, camera and audio equipment, and time. They’ll make sure that everything is on track for the production and that the process goes unhitched.

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