Quick Tips for Hosting a Virtual Convention

Quick Tips for Hosting a Virtual Convention

Now more than ever before, hosting a virtual convention is a widely-accepted and relevant consideration, but how? What steps will you take as you transition your physical event to a structured, safe, virtual event? If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to hosting a virtual convention, follow along as we offer up some quick tips and tricks to help you succeed at hosting a virtual convention that your audience will love.

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Plan for Engagement

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Don’t just expect your attendees to engage with one another because they are all at the same “virtual” convention. It doesn’t work this way! You need to plan for engagement at your virtual convention since you’re the one hosting the virtual convention

Make sure you plan for engagement by:

● Helping your attendees to see the main idea and theme behind your virtual convention so that they feel connected and motivated to chat.

● Providing a well-curated group of attendees that will see value in connecting with one another.

● Introducing “The main stage” speakers and encouraging conversations and presentations around these individuals. (NOTE: Use live video for this!)

● Including multiple small group “breakout sessions,“ in which engagement can take place.

Plan Your Technology Needs

Gear setup for streaming live in Rome

Hosting a virtual convention has several technology needs and if you’re not prepared for them upfront, they can be costly. As you consider the technology needs associated with hosting a virtual convention, you’ll most likely need the following:

● A website to host your virtual convention. 

● The ability to offer free and paid memberships to your convention.

● The opportunity to create a community on your website.

● The ability to produce online courses and breakout groups as well.

Live video streaming equipment. 

Many big brands are shifting towards the virtual convention as a means of interacting with their customers and prospects. 

Initiate Ongoing Engagement Among Your Community

user engagement

Virtual conventions attract audience members due to engagement and networking opportunities. If you’re not offering these opportunities for your attendees, you’re leaving them with something to be desired. People expect networking to come out of the convention, so as you plan for hosting a virtual convention, make sure that you’re incorporating ongoing engagement opportunities into the mix for your community members. Consider the following:

● Continue the conversation after the convention, via a VIP group on social media or elsewhere.

● Offer VIP access to special members to engage with one another during events and after.

● Expand the convention into a set of online courses or additional mastermind groups that attendees can participate in.

● Use polls, chats, and surveys to engage attendees throughout the convention.

Need help hosting a virtual convention that will bring a group of attendees together for some fun and networking? Beverly Boy Productions specializes in the technological aspects of planning and executing a professional virtual convention that engages audience members. Give us a call to get started.

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