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Video Production for the Refrigerated Storage Industry

Various logistics companies in the refrigerated storage industry are responsible for the operation of refrigerated warehousing and storage solutions that offer temperature controlled units for the storing of furs for trade, cold food products, raw meat or vegetables, or even things like life-saving medications. Many refrigerated storage businesses also provide freeze blasting services or tempering services in addition to their modified atmosphere storage solutions & warehousing logistics. Video Production for the Refrigerated Storage Industry include a heavy focus on educating the consumer audience on fulfillment & distribution logistics, cold storage solutions, and on introducing industry-specific training that is pivotal to refrigerated storage efficiencies.

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Demand for refrigerated storage & warehousing has certainly increased over the past couple of years and is expected to continue to draw consumer interest. Particularly, higher demand for perishable food products, largely the result of trends toward improved health & wellness, has given way to increasing demand for refrigerated storage solutions at the corporate level.

Beverly Boy Productions works with many b2b brands including those in the refrigerated storage industry to provide a wide range of expert video production services that can educate consumer audiences, build relationships that lead to increased storage solution commitments, and drive revenue growth across this $8 billion dollar industry.

Promotional Videos for the Refrigerated Storage Industry

Promotional Video Production for the Refrigerated Storage Industry is an important aspect of b2b marketing that cannot be overlooked. In fact, 50.9% of b2b decision-makers use YouTube and other forms of video to research purchases ahead of the conversion. Refrigerated storage businesses that get their promotions out on video in front of the decision makers that are most important to their business are more likely to see conversions than those who use any other format of media to pitch their offer.

Promotional videos encourage decision making professionals to take action, choosing your storage facility over any of the other competitor offers they may have been pondering over. In fact, that’s probably why 87% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI that they achieve with their efforts.

Marketing Videos for the Refrigerated Storage Industry

Recent studies found that 59% of executives prefer to watch a video to learn about products & services over reading about them. This is an incredibly important figure for b2b brands like refrigerated storage facilities that need to know how they should be targeted & communicating with the professionals inside their industry & targeted within their market. Short, engaging marketing Video Production for the Refrigerated Storage Industry can not only provide key executives with the type of content they prefer,

But will also:

  • Encourage audiences to trust in the products & services you provide.
  • Increase average time visitors spend on a page resulting in increased conversion.
  • Increase landing page conversions by 80% or more.
  • Generate up to 66% more qualified leads per year than non-video products.
  • Increase email click-through-rates & opens.

It really doesn’t matter how you intend to market your refrigerated storage solution, as long as you’re utilizing video along the way you’re going to see success in your connections, revenue, ROI, lead conversions, and various other conversion points that are important to your business.

 Training Videos for the Refrigerated Storage Industry

Anytime there are logistics involved training can be incredibly valuable.  Training Video Production for the Refrigerated Storage Industry provides a unique opportunity to offer employees & prospects access to complex data & details in an easy to understand, fun to follow along with, manner.

In fact, training videos:

  • Can improve safety & logistics in cold storage warehousing facilities.
  • Reduce safety hazards across your storage facility.
  • Improve compliance with safety regulations or internal operations inside your storage facility.
  • Improve OSHA-compliant operations around your business.
  • Provide a flexible, always available training solution that will help your team excel.
  • Reduce total training time for newly hired employees without compromising the knowledge delivery.

Employees recall 95% of what they see in a video compared to less than 10% of what they read. Merely using video to train rather than choosing to utilize written manuals is a huge benefit for your refrigerated storage facility. It’s going to save time, money & resources while improving your training outcomes & consistency across the organization.

Interview Videos for the Refrigerated Storage Industry

Answering questions, explaining complex topics that are relative to the industry, or proving your experience & expertise in the cold storage industry can help to create an audience of trusting prospects that may benefit from the refrigerated storage solutions that you can provide. Interview Video Production for the Refrigerated Storage Industry will help you to establish your business as a credible & authoritative expert in the industry that b2b professionals, owners, and key consumers can trust.


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At Beverly Boy Productions we work hard to help you create a video marketing & advertising strategy that’s just right for your business. Ask us about the various expert services in Video Production for the Refrigerated Storage Industry that you can utilize to grow your business, improve positioning of your brand, and achieve your goals.