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January 1, 2024

Video Production for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry

The oil & gas field services industry is largely affected by economic indicators including crude oil and natural gas prices. When prices rise, it leads rising exploration of gas field operators and the development of oil and gas deposits. But when crude oil prices drop, so too does the demand for oil & gas field services. However, lack of substitute services in the industry largely give way to a steadier boom despite fluctuations in crude oil pricing, but this does not affect the importance of using promotional marketing by businesses in this industry. Video Production for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry in Pharr has the ability to help you to bring in the attention and interest of prospective employees and even the general public to your brand.

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Demand for oil drilling and gas extraction activities alter based on the demand in the mining sector. This $85 billion-dollar market which primarily provides support services and drilling operations for oil and natural gas extraction employs an estimated 271,630 workers that operate as oil or gas extractors, metallic ore miners, coal miners, and as nonmetallic ore miners across the oil & gas field services industry.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we offer high value Video Production for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry in Pharr to help promote the extraction of oil, natural gas and both metallic and nonmetallic ores. Our video production services also include the production of training videos that the oil & gas field services industry operators can utilize to expand their knowledge on working in the industry while maintaining the use of the latest work safety standards.  Our company also serves brands in surrounding cities like San Juan, Alamo, Hidalgo, and Edinburg.

Promotional Videos for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry

Promotional videos for the oil & gas field services industry include specific insights into the stages and operations that are in oil & natural gas mining operations which take crude oil and natural gases from exploration to production. Businesses in this industry can help solidify their brand in the industry by producing promotional videos which highlight their core values, key economic drivers, and what differentiate them from the others.

Video Production for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry in Pharr can entice the right audience to select a specific company to work with while offering end-to-end production data that drives field operations down a consistent path of production & success. Once you produce engaging promotional videos with the services of an experienced team, and then publish them on social media, you can raise audience awareness about your brand and even use it to drive industry necessary conversions.

Using this specific type of video content is a great way to showcase the various job roles in the oil & gas field industry. This is a great way for prospective oil & gas field operators to browse the positions they aim to work under when it comes to working with your oil & gas field operation company.

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Some of these positions include:

     •Drilling Engineer- Responsible for the design and implementation of the oil and gas wells

     •Geological Engineer- Designs mines for the safe and efficient removal of minerals, such as coals and metals, for manufacturing and utilities.

     •Geologist- Researches and studies rock layers, variations in rock formations and densities to identify new mineral deposits.

     •Petroleum Engineer- Designs and develops methods for extracting oil and gas from deposits below the earth’s surface.

     •Petroleum Geologist- Studies and examines variations in rock formations and mineral samples to identify new gas and oil deposits.

     •Reservoir Engineer- Responsible for identifying oil and gas reserves and developing strategies to maximize recovery.

Our video services are also available in surrounding counties like Brooks County, Kenedy County, Willacy County, and Cameron County.

Marketing Videos for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry


Marketing videos for the oil & gas field services industry can deliver incredible results when used to promote products or services. They can also lead to an increase in audience engagement, as well as higher conversion rates. As more than 82% of the internet is video based, marketing Video Production for the Oil & Gas Field

Services Industry in Pharr is an essential service that yields:

     •Improved brand exposure and engagement.

     •Stronger audience recognition.

    •Greater social media visibility.

     •Increased sales accomplishments.

    •Higher ROI and ROAS.

    •Increased search engine rankings.

Companies operating in the oil & gas field services industry may not be accustomed to stiff competition, but they still make use of video marketing because it is the best way to influence the market to understand the value a company provides to them. That’s where video marketing and the production of expert promotional videos comes into play in this particular market sector.

Training Videos for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry

This industry employs a very large workforce that comprises of incredibly tough positions and roles that can attract a lot of safety hazards on them as well as on the rest of the people living in the cities and towns surrounding the drilling and mining locations. Training, therefore, should be consistent and highly effective training.

The oil & gas field services industry operators benefit from training videos because it provides with access to the appropriate skills and industry techniques that help them to improve on work safety and production. These workers need to know how to safely operate a drilling rig as well as understand the risks that come from hydraulic fracturing and the operation of various types of rigs including the jack-up rig or the semi-submersible rigs that are common across the industry. This is where efficient, and highly targeted, training comes into play.

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Training videos can offer several core benefits including:

    •Improved interaction with training among workers.

    •Stronger knowledge retention for workers.

    •Improved worker engagement.

    •Reduced risk of safety infractions among workers.

    •Ease of accessibility for workers.

Videos are fast, flexible, easy to access, and easy to follow. Oil & gas field services operations also approve the use of video training because it’s affordable, efficient, and effective. 

Interview Videos for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry

One of the most important things a company working in the field of oil drilling, fracking, and mining operations can do is to instill confidence, credibility, and trust with its audience. Interview videos, particularly expert interviews, can help ensure that your audience understands and stays interested in the activities of your company. These videos are also suited for use in case studies that represent businesses in the oil & gas field services industry. But you can improve your website by adding an interview video on the “About Us” page to provide further explanation to prospects about how the company works. Our team is also available to service your video needs in 7857, 78542, 78577, 78501, or 78574.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we offer a range of video packages that are suitable for your production needs. Our professional team is experienced in handling Video Production for the Oil & Gas Field Services Industry in Pharr. We are open, and willing to take on any challenge you present to us. We strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

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