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Video Production for the Heavy Equipment Rental Industry

Heavy equipment rental businesses are charged with providing scaffolding, aircraft, cranes, barges, railcars and earthmoving equipment as well as various other sorts of heavy equipment for rent to major businesses. Major players in the $53 billion dollar industry include United Rentals, Sunbelt Rentals and various others which are largely at the mercy of the businesses upstream from them providing heavy construction, transportation & logistics, or advanced earth movement for things like oil & well drilling, mining or exploration. Video Production for the Heavy Equipment Rental Industry encourages would-be equipment renters to choose the products & services offered by each prospective equipment rental location, drawing community interest & increasing sales conversions that are essential to revenue gains in this competitive market.

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A well-crafted marketing plan that includes the use of video at each major stage of the sales funnel for your heavy equipment rental business is essential to reaching a wide, hungry audience of prospective clients that need the equipment you offer for rent inside your store. Video marketing is absolutely essential as one third of the internet is video, and 82% of all internet searches result in the download or streaming of video content. If your rental business isn’t producing video content, you’re potentially missing out on the 82% of all searches that end in video views!

Beverly Boy Productions offers a wide range of expert video production services that are geared directly to the heavy equipment rental industry. Ask us how you can put video to work for your rental business to generate more leads, increase your contract commitments, and drive revenue for your brand!

Promotional Videos for the Heavy Equipment Rental Industry

Producing video ads and promos that represent your heavy equipment rental business is an important step towards generating substantial social media reach & to improving your digital market share so that you can draw prospective clients & customers from a variety of channels online.

Showcasing the exact features, benefits, and aspects of your services that make your heavy equipment rental business unique and valuable to your target audience will ensure that you can:

  • Increase the total number of consumers that visit your rental business.
  • Boost the number of signed rental contracts that you produce each day, week, month or year.
  • Build confidence among your community inspiring them to choose your business for their rental needs.

Promotional videos can boost customer engagement & retention while directly impacting your conversions & sales, too!

Marketing Videos for the Heavy Equipment Rental Industry

Video marketing for your heavy equipment rental business might seem like a huge task at first, but the investment is bound to result in substantial benefits for your rental business as you reach a larger audience, engage with more prospective clients, and ultimately get more rental contracts signed & ready for payment.

Promoting your heavy equipment rental business with video will:

  • Improve your ROI.
  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Improve your social media reach.
  • Increase the number of social media shares generated by your brand.
  • Improve your corporate positioning online placing you ahead of your competition.

As you learn more about your customers & their needs, marketing Video Production for the Heavy Equipment Rental Industry becomes more intent-focused and is ultimately about generating leads, boosting sales, & driving revenue for your rental firm.

Training Videos for the Heavy Equipment Rental Industry

The use of video at various stages in your marketing & advertising is essential to your own business growth, but what about taking steps to ensure the growth of your team & employees? As your heavy equipment rental business grows & expands, you’re going to need ways that you can grow your team without negatively impacting your own resources (think time & money).

Training videos for heavy equipment rental brands are incredibly valuable for this very purpose. They can be used to teach & train your team without interrupting your existing staff & crew.

As a result, training Video Production for the Heavy Equipment Rental Industry can help your business achieve its training goals by:

  • Improving employee knowledge retention by 85% or more.
  • Reducing total training time.
  • Increasing the actual amount of training that is provided without increasing the time it takes to train.
  • Reducing training costs by providing a one-and-done video solution that is always available.
  • Improving training flexibility to better accommodate employees and staff.

There are amazing opportunities that can be achieved with video training over in-person training or traditional training manuals that collect dust on the breakroom table – let Team Beverly Boy show you!

Interview Videos for the Heavy Equipment Rental Industry

Growing your rental equipment business requires careful thought and planning to ensure you’re reaching your target market with the right style & type of content to fuel their cravings, improve their social connection with your business, and ultimately drive trust in your brand. Expert interview videos, that showcase your past experience and the expert knowledge you bring to the market represent a great opportunity for you to build community trust & authority in your business or brand.


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Ask Team Beverly Boy about how you can use interview Video Production for the Heavy Equipment Rental Industry to put your audiences’ mind at ease, to draw interest from a large crowd, to boost sales & conversions and to ultimately improve the ROI & revenue for your business. We can’t wait to help you build credibility & trust around your brand!