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Video Production for Savings Banks & Thrifts

Savings banks & thrifts are part of a unique industry of financial services providers which accept customer deposits and then place the funds into interest-bearing savings accounts and CDs so that they can utilize the stored funds to make loans at higher interest to consumers. Savings banks primarily profit off of the proceeds of the loans that they introduce to customers including through residential mortgages, industrial & commercial mortgages, home equity loans & vehicle loans. Video Production for Savings Banks & Thrifts includes many different approaches to growing consumer interest, boosting audience recognition, and generating revenue producing leads for the bank brand.

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Savings banks & thrifts represent a $54 billion dollar market that includes more than 5300 banks across the U.S. This industry is impacted by industrial growth in commercial & residential real estate, construction markets, and various other industry related macroeconomic conditions. As such, the expectation is that savings banks & thrifts will experience continued growth over the next several years thanks to a moderate balance in the economy.

Beverly Boy Productions provides a wide range of expert video production services for savings banks & thrifts that are interested in growing audience recognition and increasing the revenue generation that they derive from digital marketing and advertising for their brand.

Promotional Videos for Savings Banks & Thrifts

Promotional Video Production for Savings Banks & Thrifts focuses on sharing the story and unique mission or values behind the bank or financial institution brand so that consumers feel more trustworthy and interested in the bank products & services. Don’t get promotion wrong though! Not all promotional video products directly sell the bank or its financial services to the consumer audience.



Many promotional videos focus more on building audience interest, generating significant organic reach for the business, and driving potential leads into the bank for further qualifying and closing. Short, powerful promotional videos are a huge element of any effective marketing strategy for savings banks, but they are only one part of the equation.

Marketing Videos for Savings Banks & Thrifts

Marketing Video Production for Savings Banks & Thrifts focuses on building out content that consumers can engage with and learn from moving the audience down the conversion funnel closer toward becoming paid members of the bank or financial institution. Savings banks might create marketing videos that highlight products & services offered by the bank, share key insights into important bank data that will pique audience interest in the bank, or promote the services that the bank can offer in order to draw in new customers or clientele and close leads.


Marketing videos are typically shared on social media, websites, and landing pages, but they can also be seen on television for larger savings banks & thrifts.

Fortunately, video marketing can:

• Increase social shares.
• Boost leads.
• Increase landing page conversions.
• Improve organic global reach.
• Build audience trust in the brand.

Whether you produce one marketing video, or an entire series, this should be a key element of your strategy.

Training Videos for Savings Banks & Thrifts

As a bank, employee training is absolutely essential to your day-to-day operations and to running a profitable financial institution. Training Video Production for Savings Banks & Thrifts can have several key advantages over all other forms of video, especially if you need to hire new employees on a regular basis and find that you spend too much time training.

Team Beverly Boy

Training videos:

• Improve training outcomes.
• Reduce training time.
• Increase training knowledge.
• Reduce training costs.
• Drive up training comprehension.

Employees appreciate that video training is flexible and always available so that they can train on demand and on their own schedule. As a bank owner, you should appreciate that video training is going to save you time & money over all other forms of training available for your new employees.

Interview Videos for Savings Banks & Thrifts

Interview videos are an excellent opportunity for savings banks & thrifts because they can build audience trust & understanding for your business by allowing your key experts and industry professionals to share their insights & data. Financial services require transparency and trust, which is probably why interview videos do so well for banks.

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At Beverly Boy Productions we’ll work closely with you to identify the most suitable experts in your team to interview and we’ll produce the video content that is going to resonate with your target audience and drive trust. It’s all about building up audience commitment and confidence in your brand. Ask us about interview videos, and other expert services in Video Production for Savings Banks & Thrifts.