Video Production for Handbag, Luggage & Accessory Stores

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Video Production for Handbag, Luggage & Accessory Stores

The evolution of consumer spending habits paired with a slowed period of travel was expected to result in slower or lower than average earnings growth for the handback, luggage & accessory stores industry, but the opposite seems to have occurred. Instead, rising disposable income and a fueled desire to travel with trendy luggage & designer accessories has fueled increased demand & stronger than expected revenue growth in this $21 billion dollar industry that is expected to continue to grow over the next several years. Video Production for Handbag, Luggage & Accessory Stores adds an additional layer of potential growth opportunity for store owners who choose to engage audiences with trendy content that draws in viewer attention, increases lead generation and further boosts sales.

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Beverly Boy Productions offers many different types of Video Production for Handbag, Luggage & Accessory Stores including marketing & promotional videos, training videos, and interview videos that can build audience trust & interest in your store. We’ll help you build content that targets your key audience & builds brand focus, hype & excitement around your store.

Promotional Videos for Handbag, Luggage & Accessory Stores

Video advertisements, most commonly referred to promotional videos, are an integral aspect of building up handbag, luggage & accessory store sales revenues, especially when it comes to advertising online. Stores often product promotional videos that are either created with a social media influencer or model that backs the business or they’re created and then distributed by these influencers in order to gain community engagement, social proof and with any luck, there’s a time constraint placed on the advertisement that also creates FOMO (fear of missing out). This increases audience hype, boosts the likelihood of the audience following through with a purchase, and ultimately reflects in rising revenue from sales.

Think of promotional video production for handback, luggage & accessory stores as one of the most important aspects of building audience hype and growing revenue through essential digital marketing campaigns. Brands large & small use promotional videos to target a specific audience with their content, create the perception of high value, and generate revenue through conversion optimization & increased sales. The use of video in your marketing campaigns can grow revenue 49% faster than non-video promotions.

Marketing Videos for Handbag, Luggage & Accessory Stores

Many travel brands have figured out how to put video marketing first in their campaigns to significantly improve their reach, revenue, and sales related ROI, but how does this same style of travel & tourism marketing with video impact handbag, luggage & accessory stores? Or does it impact these retailers at all?


Most handbag, luggage & accessory stores will also sell things like costume jewelry, clothing, hats, neckwear, wallets, and a variety of other products such as custom apparel and footwear, although revenue figures are based solely on the sale of handbags, luggage & accessories, not so much on clothing or shoes. Marketing trends toward the sale of handbags & luggage or travel accessories largely focus on the introduction of marketing videos which provide the audience with a unique, engaging, visual experience that no other form of content can offer.

In fact, marketing Video Production for Handbag, Luggage & Accessory Stores allows these businesses to engage with their target audience primarily across social media outlets such as Instagram & Facebook where the compounded annual growth for the handbag market alone is 4.5% and rising.  Marketing videos that are posted on social media have up to 1200% more shares than static image content and significantly greater reach overall than non-video efforts.

Training Videos for Handbag, Luggage & Accessory Stores

Like any retail operation, training consistency and flexibility are going to be key to growing your business and your brand. Employees appreciate training that is flexible, accessible, and appropriately tailored to their needs, while as an organization you can appreciate when training is accurate & engaging, and doesn’t cost a lot.


Training video production for handbag & luggage & accessory stores provides several key benefits to store owners that are seeking to grow their team operations. Not only are training videos consistent & flexible, they’re a low cost solution that delivers over-and-over again. Each new employee that is hired can utilize the same video based training program that you create at the start, and the same video training can be utilized across multiple retail store locations.

Training videos save you time & money while providing stronger knowledge retention for your employees. Perhaps that is why 88% of companies already utilize some kind of video based training in their routines.

Interview Videos for Handbag, Luggage & Accessory Stores

Sales growth, revenue generation, and a shift in consumer preference toward a particular handbag style or luggage product is largely the result of positioning that is created through marketing, advertising and promotions that are created by the brand. Generating audience trust in the business, so that consumers feel confident in the products you sell and the perceived value that you’ve created is essential to growing a handbag business or luggage brand. Expert interview videos, that not only share the details behind leadership experience & expertise, but also key insights into the market or niche that can prove credibility for the business are essential to building that audience trust.

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Ask Team Beverly Boy about how you can use interview Video Production for Handbag, Luggage & Accessory Stores to represent your business, grow your audience, and increase trust & social proof in the products you offer for sale. This is your opportunity to take action & introduce meaningful content that is going to help you achieve your sales goals, community growth, or revenue.