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 How to Use Softbox Lights for Video

Lighting is the key element to a quality shoot. In fact, the use of various types of lighting in your videos can help to create powerful connections between your audience and your subject. Even the use of softbox lighting in your videos can add tons of potential to an otherwise basic video concept. But learning how to use soft box lights for video can be challenging, especially for beginning filmmakers. Let’s take a look at how to use soft box lights in your videos to add depth, value, and emotional connections that will resonate with your audience.

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Produce a Natural Light Appearance

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When learning how to use soft box lights for video, it’s important to know what this style of lighting is typically used for and, when it comes to softbox lighting we think of natural light. Softbox lighting is used to recreate natural light just like the sun that would come through your window on a sunny day.

If you’re in a space without windows, or if you want full control over your lighting so you’ve covered your windows, a softbox can emulate the natural light of a window providing a soft glow that is ideal for the frontal view of your subject.

Using softboxes to produce natural looking light is ideal for things like product reviews, cooking shows, and indoor shoots that you want to appear naturally lighted. Many choose a softbox when vlogging indoors because the softbox represents a low cost option that is more diffused, and wider covering than standard room lighting.

Create Shadows

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Placing two softboxes on each side of your set can produce shadows. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Why would I want to produce shadows? Don’t we usually try to avoid shadows?” But if you’re aiming for a connection between your subject and the audience that is more dark, or misguided, or untrusting, then shadows can do the trick!

Softbox Lighting Considerations

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When using a softbox to light the scene or set, it’s important to consider many different factors. As you learn how to use soft box lights, you’ll find more and more uses for these fixtures on your set. Make sure that you consider the following:


– How far away you have placed the softbox from your subject. Closer placement provides more control and alters the reflection of light on the source.

– The size of the softbox that is being used in comparison to the size of your subject. Moving the softbox closer, or further away, will control the hardness or softness of the light.

– The shape of the softbox and how this impacts the way light wraps around your subject.

– The height of your softbox and comparison to your subject – softboxes can be placed lower too!


Before purchasing a softbox, or several softboxes, it’s important to consider how you will use the softbox, what your subjects are, and what kinds of shots you’re considering. Keep in mind that as you learn how to use soft box lights for your video projects, you’ll likely find a plethora of uses and adjustments, modifiers, and add-ons that make these some of the most versatile and important pieces of equipment you’ll ever own!