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3 Ways a Video Production Agency Can Boost Your Online Marketing

The use of video is almost a given in the marketing world today. Big brands use video. Small brands use video. Even people who don’t realize the importance of video are using video! If you’re not convinced that a video production agency can boost your online marketing efforts, you’re most likely living under a rock! Either way, we’re showing you 3 ways that a video production agency can help you improve your marketing efforts.

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1. Short Form Video Production

Short form video? What’s that? 

Short form video production represents a growing trend toward engaging the minds of the latest generation which, for lack of a better word, has the attention span of a fish! That’s right, our generation now and those who are interacting online in general, seem to have an attention span that is about 2 or 3 minutes in length at most. But that’s okay! 

Short form video production is one way that a video production agency can help you boost your online presence. Producing short films, 3 minutes or less, for use on social media platforms, in newsletters, in emails and anywhere a short video can be shared represents an excellent opportunity for your business to connect with today’s generation.

2. Testimonial Video Production

Marketing is all about growing the value of your brand so that your audience recognizes your brand and WANTS to purchase from you — right? Testimonial videos represent one way that you can boost your online marketing presence with very little outside effort.

A video production agency can produce testimonial videos for your brand to help you connect with your audience and build trust within them. A written testimonial is great — but a videotaped testimonial that shows your audience the satisfied customer speaking on your behalf is significantly stronger than a written testimony. 

Talk with your video production agency about producing video testimonials for your brand!

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3. Live Stream Video Production

Another great way to boost the online marketing exposure for your brand is through live stream video production. A video production agency can help you get started with live stream video production. Live streaming is not hard, but you will want to make sure that you’ve prepared your topic before you begin filming. 

Live streaming can be viewed on your website, on a social media platform, or in various other ways. The goal of the livestream is to connect your customers with your brand in a way that allows them to react and interact in real-time. Consider live streams for live Q&A sessions, FAQ sessions, events, and more.

Ready to hire a video production agency to help you get started? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We’ll immediately begin working out a plan that can help your brand grow.