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What Does a Funeral Memorial Video Cost?

Creating a memorial video for a loved one’s funeral can be a touch and go scenario. You naturally want the video to come out great, as it is something you will cherish for a lifetime, but there’s also the fact that you’re not sure what all goes into producing a funeral memorial video and you’re probably wondering, “What does a funeral memorial video cost?”

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You may have heard of companies that can create a slideshow of your photos, but perhaps you’re looking for something more advanced — something that actually provides tribute to your loved one and the time they had here on earth. Beverly Boy Productions can help with funeral video production rates to create a memorial for your loved one. Give us a call to learn more.

Funeral Memorial Video Production Costs

If the funeral has not happened yet, and you’re just now planning the memorial video as a tribute to your loved one, you may consider full funeral memorial video production and editing. What this will include is a video production crew on-site at the funeral to capture the entire program. You may also consider having the camera crew available in the early days leading up to the funeral as well as during any pre-funeral services such as a Wake or other tributes. Having the production crew available during these sacred times will allow you to incorporate this footage into your final funeral memorial video.

If the funeral takes place at a church, chapel or similar venue there may be on-site camera equipment that can capture the services that take place. Additional booking of the camera crew for the reception, viewing, or Sympathy Tea times may also be encouraged. Keep in mind that multiple shoot locations will add to the final Funeral memorial video cost, but this will largely depend on individual plans and needs. Talk with your production crew about the various periods and events leading up to the burial or cremation of your loved one and what memorials you wish to have filmed for the final video.

Funeral Memorial Video Editing Rates


Generally speaking, the average cost to hire a video editor is between $60 and $175 per hour. If you’re interested in having a funeral memorial video created from the video footage that was captured during the funeral, your editor can work with you to define an estimated rate based on the total finished video length that you are most interested in and various other technical aspects such as any desired effects, transitions or music additions.

Before you decide on the next steps for your loved one’s memorial, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We’ll help you put together a funeral memorial video that shares the story of your family member or friend in a way that you will cherish for many years to come.