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Video Production for the Concert & Event Promotion Industry

As much as the concert & event promotion industry may have been shuttered for much of 2019 and 2020, pent up demand for activity and exposure will give way to tremendous revenue growth for many businesses in this industry over the coming years. In fact, the concert & event promotion industry is expect to rise at about a 7.1% annual year over year rate to achieve more than $51.3 billion in total annual revenue by 2022 across the estimated 106K+ businesses and brands that operate across the U.S. in this competitive market. Video Production for the Concert & Event Promotion Industry is nothing new; brands have utilized video to grow audience awareness, increase market sales, and produce consistent revenue for decades but only recently has video become an affordable advertising & promotional option for businesses large & small across this and other industries.

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COVID-19 restrictions would vastly alter the concert & event promotion industry resulting in widespread introduction of new, advanced technological revenue-generating events including concert livestreaming across social media & paid media platforms such as Discord, Twitch, Dacast, and Wowza. For the major brands in the concert & event promotion industry, capturing the value & entertainment experience that comes along with livestreaming of events & activities in this manner is essential – video makes it possible!

Beverly Boy Productions employs expert technology & integrates advanced experience in the production of concert & event promotions to encourage audiences to engage & participate in live events, industry operations, virtual venues, and the infrastructure that makes up virtual concerts & event venues. Ask us about the steps we’ll take to ensure your concert or event promotion business achieves optimal leasing, contracts, visibility, and accessibility for audiences large & small that are relevant to your needs.

Promotional Videos for the Concert & Event Promotion Industry

Promotional Video Production for the Concert & Event Promotion Industry focuses largely on establishing audience awareness & building hype around key experiences or events that are important to or engaging for the community. According to an Animoto study conducted in 2018, 93% of businesses that utilize video marketing on social media were able to achieve improved customer acquisitions; in other words, 9 out of 10 brands that use video generate new customers.

Promotional videos generate buzz around upcoming ticket launch events increasing hype around your event, generating more ticket sales, and ultimately bringing more attendees to the concert or event you’re in charge of promoting. Promotional videos can also improve your social media reach, increase organic rankings & search ability for events across various platforms, and generate more ROI.

Marketing Videos for the Concert & Event Promotion Industry

Cross promotion of concerts & events that you’re charged with raising awareness to and ultimately generating revenue for can easily be achieved with video content. Marketing Video Production for the Concert & Event Promotion Industry is incredibly powerful for a variety of reasons including:

  • Increasing email click-through-rates and opens by 16% or more.
  • Increase proposal close rates by 103% or more.
  • Increased customer conversions, ticket sales & event exposure.
  • Increased social media reach & shares by up to 1200% or more.
  • 64% or more increase in purchases of tickets or merchandise.


The bottom line? The more you promote your concert & event promotion services, or the more you utilize video to market the events and the various concerts that you’re responsible for promoting, the stronger your revenue and sales are going to be,  positively impacting the ROI For your brand.

Training Videos for the Concert & Event Promotion Industry

Training Video Production for the Concert & Event Promotion Industry can help you to achieve your hiring & onboarding goals without interrupting your current obligations or otherwise impeding on your staff. Rather than have new employees shadow your staff or attend in-person training sessions which draw on the amount of time, patience, and core abilities they have to provide such training, training videos provide consistent, always available training to your newly hired help without requiring any insight or time on you or your employees’ part.


Expert training videos can help your concert & event promotion business to:

  • Minimize training time.
  • Improve training outcomes.
  • Boost training success.
  • Reduce employee turnover.

Video training programs require a one-time, up-front cost for production, but the training you create can be utilized again-and-again resulting in long-term savings of money, time & other valuable resources that are essential to effectively growing your brand.

Interview Videos for the Concert & Event Promotion Industry

Building strong and valuable emotional connections with your target audience is essential to growing your concert & event promotion business. Interview Video Production for the Concert & Event Promotion Industry can help you achieve this goal by providing you with a non-stop connection to your target audience that will generate audience awareness, increase hype, improve confidence & trust, and ultimately boost conversions for your brand.


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Team Beverly Boy can help you create interview videos that target your audience with entertaining, expert content that helps them to feel more socially connected to your business. Consider sharing expert insights into your niche, offering up details about your experience and expertise, and introducing valuable data about your past projects & the successes that you’ve had in order to build up confidence & trust that your prospective audience has in your business. This is your opportunity to share information about how you promote the concerts & events of your clients, what steps you take to ensure client access to the consistent value & core benefits provided by your team, and how you actively engage their audience members in order to generate leads, increase sales, and ultimately boost revenue for their campaigns.

Ask us about expert services in Video Production for the Concert & Event Promotion Industry that can be valuable to growing your business & achieving your revenue goal!